Brandon Ingram
SHOCKING NEWS! Brandon Ingram is thriving without LeBron James (Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

I have been an avid Brandon Ingram supporter since his days at Duke. Some guys just put the ball in the bucket better than most. Ingram fits that description to a T. I would have taken him with the number one pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Eventually, Ingram slid to the 2nd pick just behind Ben Simmons. After looking a lot closer to mediocrity with the Lakers, Ingram is finally becoming a great player. I wonder why???

A year ago I wrote a post that was titled: ‘Surprise, Surprise: LeBron James Is Ruining Brandon Ingram’. Ingram was starting to turn the corner as a great player. That was until LeBron James showed up. This version of Brandon Ingram we are watching with the Pelicans already exited. It only existed when LeBron James sat. Ingram’s efficiency numbers skyrocketed any time he played without LeBron on the floor. Ingram’s production plummeted with LeBron on the floor. In his short time with the Pelicans, we are learning that the LeBron truth exists. He makes his teammates worse. Brandon Ingram thriving in New Orleans is just another example. Tough to be “the goat” when you make your teammates worse.

Brandon Ingram is on fire to start the season. Ingram, 22, is averaging 25.9 points per game on 55 percent shooting. Hit shooting percentage from deep sits at 49 percent and his effective percentage sits at 62 percent. That’s Kevin Durant type of shit. That’s exactly what Ingram’s potential was. Ingram is really the only player that resembles Durant. Long, skinny, and drops buckets. While Ingram isn’t quite as freaky as KD, the former Dukie is special. Just watch the highlight video. The man is filthy.

The Pelicans have a fun little core. Even Jahlil Okafor is resurrecting his career. Just imagine this group when Zion Williamson joins the rotation? I’m not sure Lonzo Ball will ever be more than that guy who spends too much VC on tattoos for his created 2K player, but it looks like he’s improving? If New Orleans has any chance of winning the Anthony Davis trade, Brandon Ingram needs to become a star. The good news for New Orleans is he already looks like one.