Black Widow
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Scarlett Johansson Is Suing Disney. Boo Hoo.

Actress and overall scum human being Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney, alleging that Disney breached her contract with releasing Black Widow on their streaming service Disney+. The contract apparently stated that her movie was to be released as a theatrical release only, largely due in part to the massive box office haul it would have generated. I do not care that they did her wrong and honestly I don’t feel bad in the slightest. Let’s set some things straight real quick.

But Garrett, Why Is ScarJo So Bad?

I want to clarify one thing real quick: I am a MASSIVE Marvel fan. Reading Max Everett’s post on booking the MCU was incredible. While being a fan of the MCU you tend to keep tabs on big news when it comes to the actors/actresses in these movies.

So when I heard that Scarlett Johansson came out in support of Harvey Weinstein during the height of the “Me Too” movement by wearing a dress made by the company his wife owns, that was a definite stain on her reputation. Then there is her belief she should be able to play any role she wants, no matter the gender, skin color, or “even a tree”. Just another white actor/actress trying to take roles away from people of color who have worked their entire life for this role. There are even more examples, I would google it if you’re curious. I don’t have sympathy for Johansson based on her previous history as a human.

That’s Fair, But What Does This All Mean?

Let me give you a quote from Disney on the issue. These quotes come from

“Disney has fully complied with Ms. Johansson’s contract and furthermore, the release of ‘Black Widow’ on Disney+ with Premier Access has significantly enhanced her ability to earn additional compensation on top of the $20 million she has received to date,” a Disney spokesperson said in a statement.

Did you read that? SHE MADE $20M ON THIS RELEASE. God forbid she lose out on what, another few million on the release by having it be streamed on a service viewers have to pay for anyway? I guarantee she will see some of that money from streaming purposes from the site. Not to mention all the money she has made off of every Avengers movie she has been in. You can miss me with that.

The more I think about it, the more this annoys me. How about we stop being greedy and wanting more money and just care about the fans and make it easier to watch your movie? Need I remind you we are still in a global pandemic and maybe some MCU fans don’t feel comfortable going out to a theatre? Ever think about that, Scarlett? Nope. You haven’t.

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