Seattle Seahawks
(Kevin Terrell via AP)

The Seattle Seahawks came into the season looking to make it back to the Super Bowl. Well, they have a chance, now that they are the three seed.

Throughout the season, we’ve seen multiple things happen with this team.

At the beginning of the year; the Seahawks defense was historically bad and Russell Wilson was cooking. Wilson was looking like he really could be an MVP candidate. But then things changed. Wilson started struggling and the defense was still bad, until they traded for Carlos Dunlap, and got healthy.

Although, Ken Norton Jr. still is not a good defensive coordinator, especially on a Super Bowl Contender. The Seahawks defense has turned the corner in the last eight weeks and won Seattle some games when the offense couldn’t produce.

So is this season a Super Bowl or Bust for the Seahawks?

Well, in order to make it they are going to have a tough schedule. Starting with their first game. The Seahawks will face the Rams in their first game of the playoffs, which will be third time the teams have played this season.

The Seahawks will need good production on both sides of the ball. The defense will need to keep their momentum that they have had the past couple of weeks. But the offense will need to take a step forward, and get back to where they were at the beginning of the season.

Can Russell Wilson get back into form?

Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde need to get stronger out of the backfield but they can hold their own. But the biggest thing the Seahawks need is for Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf to regain their connection.

Last year in the playoffs, DK Metcalf broke out for a big game. Will he do that again?

The Seahawks do believe in Pete Carroll but the window for them to win is closing. Will they make it back to the Superbowl and win this season?

Knowing that the players came into this season, wanting to make it to the Super Bowl. If they don’t this season will be a bust. But, Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright and Wilson should be able to carry this team back to the Super Bowl with how good the trio has played this season.