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The Seattle Seahawks Clearly Won the Russell Wilson Trade

Russell Wilson
(Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)

The Seattle Seahawks Have Clearly Won The Russell Wilson Trade

When the news broke that the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos agreed on a blockbuster trade for Russell Wilson, folks began to hype up the Broncos. Their bounties of weapons, notably Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Javonte Williams and more, were viewed as the best supporting cast Wilson would play with in years. A stellar defense would shut down opponents and this offense would blow games wide open.

That has not been the case this season. Not only has Wilson not played well, his replacement in Seattle, Geno Smith, has outshone him so far this season.

I definitely did not have Smith leading the league in passer rating through six weeks on my bingo card, yet here we are. Smith has played exceptionally well so far this year, throwing for 1,305 yards, nine touchdowns, and only two interceptions. He has not forced anything and has let the game come to him, which has helped balance out this Seattle offense. In his most recent outing, albeit a loss to the New Orleans Saints, Smith balled out for 268 yards and three scores. Most importantly, no picks.

Smith has been exactly what Seattle has needed. He has said that people wrote him off and that he didn’t write back. We love to see someone bet on themselves and it finally pays off. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for Wilson.

Wilson and the Denver Broncos have been a complete and utter failure to this point. This offense has zero identity, Wilson has not played well, and they have struggled to score at all. The Broncos have the 18th-ranked total offense in the league, but it is brought down by an offense that only throws for 231 yards per game. Yes, this offense is banged up with injuries to Williams, Tim Patrick, and Garett Bolles. But still having Sutton, Jeudy and Melvin Gordon, there are weapons there.

The experiment has failed. Wilson has failed the folks of Denver and the Broncos organization. The Seattle Seahawks absolutely fleeced the Broncos, and the proof is in the pudding. What people also forget here is all the picks Denver sent.

  • 2022 first-round pick
  • 2022 second-round pick
  • 2022 fifth-round pick
  • 2023 first-round pick
  • 2023 second-round pick

If Denver continues to falter as they have been, Seattle very well may end up with four picks in the first 40, with two coming in the top ten. The Broncos set up Seattle for success. Unless Wilson and the Broncos somehow magically turn this season around, their championship window will be welded shut, and their future will be tarnished for the next 4-5 years at least.

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