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Product of a Small Town
(Sean Stemaly)

Sean Stemaly Product Of A Small Town Album Review

Product of a Small Town
(Sean Stemaly)

Sean Stemaly Product Of A Small Town Album Review

Sean Stemaly has released his new album Product Of A Small Town, and it’s a great series of songs. Now, it’s time to go over the album, track by track, and give my thoughts on it.

Product Of A Small Town

This album kicks off with the title track Product of a Small Town. This is your small town anthem, in her Sean describes everything about the small town that made him. Good buddies that are ride or die, cranking country music too loud, he’s the product of a small town and if you are too this one is for you and raise one up.

Last Night All Day

In this song, Sean details the night before with a girl and how a replay of last night is replaying in his head all day. He’s thinking all day about last night, and if you’ve ever had a night like this with a girl you’d rewinding and replaying it all day too.

Can’t Be Me

A new one by Sean, this song details about being in a long relationship (A couple years since that first beer) and he’s about to pop the question. Then, the girl gets to thinking about what she wants for the rest of her life, then Sean says ”It can’t be me” without all the things that presumably make him him. I can personally relate to this because I ended a relationship because if it went on there would be things I had to live without and I couldn’t do that. ”Baby I hope you understand, I’m always gonna wanna be who I am. But I’d give anything to be that man who sweeps you off your feet, but it can’t be me…”


A great song about a helluva truck, nothing more to say, great listen and awesome to blast through your vehicle (should be a truck for maximum enjoyment).

Speaking My Language

This song details being with a girl. At first, him and the girl are very different, but as the night goes on she starts “speaking his language.” Then, things are going ideally. In this ideal way, everything is going the way you wanted it to, and it’s just like the girl is speaking your language.

Comeback Town

Another hometown anthem anyone? This song talks about how someone may have left a town, but it isn’t the same. The lights are being left on and doors are unlocked for you because you’re going to miss how things were. Then eventually, you’ll come back to the comeback town you’re from. The grass isn’t always greener somewhere else, when you hit the concrete you’ll want to go back home. Things just aren’t the same elsewhere.

Love Me Like Kentucky

“Ain’t nobody loves me, loves me like Kentucky.” This song is about a girl who doesn’t love Sean like she loves Kentucky. Sean details all the great things about her, nobody does her like she does him, but she doesn’t love him like she loves Kentucky.

WD-40 4WD

This song comes from HIXTAPE 2, with Sean, Jimmie Allen, and Justin Moore. Get some WD40 and some four wheel drive if you wanna be country, it’s all you really need.

Back On A Backroad

Sean’s gotta get back on a backroad. Life comes at you like a fastball, all traffic backed up on asphalt. So how do you get away from that? Get your ass back on a backroad, back to your roots, get anywhere from where you are.


“I’ve got ex’s still in Texas, a couple girls that I don’t mess with. You’re the reason I ain’t seeing California girls when I’m dreaming. I’ve walked to Memphis a night or two, I’ll spend my last dime calling Baton Rouge. Even after all this time, I still got Georgia on my mind.” We’ve all had breakups, but this song details that one that you just can’t get off your mind. There’s just no moving on.

If Heaven Had A Weekend

A heartwarming and sad song. If heaven had a weekend, here’s how it’d be spent with all the people we miss and who have been called back home by the man upstairs. If once in awhile they could just comeback, this is how it’d be. Memories could still be made, and saying goodbye wouldn’t be nearly as painful, and death wouldn’t be nearly as scary, if heaven had a weekend. This song legitimately almost made me cry, it’s beautiful.

As Far As I Know

The small town boy talking about a small town girl. As far as he knows, that town is everything. Then when that girl hits an interstate, he won’t have a clue where she is. but if it’s right through the red light she’s going home. Left by the big church? It’s a coin flip, he knows where one road goes and the other he doesn’t. He hopes the county line is as far as she goes, because that’s about as far as he knows. She’s the best there is, that’s as far as he knows.

Hello, You Up

After a breakup, at the bar drinking because you miss her. But you still feel the same, so all you want to say is ”I’m just a ‘hello, you up? Do you wanna come over’ away.” Then you’ll be right over. Maybe saying goodbye was a mistake?

Come Back To Bed

After a great night with a girl, the morning sun comes up and it seems like it’s time. But is it? Don’t let the sun tell you what to do, the moment isn’t over yet, and there was a lot left unsaid, so come back to bed. Take the time to relive last night.

Overall, a beautiful album. There’s some upbeat get you going songs, there’s some sad ones, and there are heartwarming ones. A great mix of music, and an album I was really looking forward to. I think it’s safe to say, this album lived up to my expectations.


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