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Sean Payton

(Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

Sean Payton Compensation Requirement Revealed

Sean Payton
(Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

Sean Payton Will Cost a New Team a First Round Pick

Sean Payton has a price. The former Saints coach will require at least a mid-to-late first round pick for the Saints to let a new team hire him. On Colin Cowherd’s show, Payton revealed that he has spoken with New Orleans general manager Mickey Loomis about the terms of his move.

As the first weekend of the playoffs winds to a close, suitors are beginning to line up for the Super Bowl winner. Payton is set to meet with the Panthers, Broncos, Cardinals and Texans this week. While he may not be exactly thrilled with coaching for lottery teams, whoever ends up hiring him will make a good decision.

The price of a mid-to-late first round pick will certainly make things interesting come draft night. What team will be willing to move on from a pick of their own? Seattle at 20 seems interesting, so does Detroit at 18. What will the teams pursuing Payton be willing to give up? There is certainly a lot to unpack here.

Let’s Ride?

A lot has been made about Payton in Denver.

Obviously, Nathaniel Hackett was a disaster as the Russell Wilson-era is off to the worst possible start. That first round pick from the Bradley Chubb trade could very well become the key to this operation. With Miami eliminated, their pick is set to be somewhere in the twenties.

There are other teams I mentioned who will be just as interested in Payton’s service, but you gotta think, with Wilson inked to a mammoth contract, the Broncos need to find a way to win now. With Wilson more at ease working with a coach he reportedly loves, they are certainly more likely to at least look competitive. Denver has many options, including John Harbaugh, so we’ll see what makes the most sense in a couple of months.

We’re finally starting to get clarity on Sean Payton. With New Orleans’ asking price on the table, we can start to speculate. There’s also the elephant in the room: Dallas and Tampa Bay’s result Monday night. If the Cowboys lose in the wild-card again, is it the end of Mike McCarthy? Could they get in the mix with their own first round pick?

This is just the beginning of the Sean Payton sweepstakes, so anything is possible.


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