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(Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports)

Scott Was Right: Running Backs Are Overvalued

Running Backs
Scott was right: Running backs are overvalued. We all need to adjust the way we think about the running back position. (Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports)

Scott Was Right: Running Backs Are Overvalued

Everyone gets things wrong. Even Trey is human. The only difference between me and the haters is they run and hide when I win 98.7% of the time. Trey does the right thing and puts his hand in the air to admit I was wrong and acknowledged I’ve learned from my mistake and won’t make it again. Scott was right. Running backs are overvalued.

On a past episode of Cheese (I don’t feel like finding the timestamp. Sorry, go find it yourself.) me and Cayne gave Scott a hard time for hating on running backs. I even defended the Ezekiel Elliott contract, which shouldn’t have happened.

This is the way the NFL is trending. I’m not saying there aren’t exceptions. Scott himself even praised the Nick Chubb extension. If Chris Johnson magically entered the NFL again, I’d still take him in the back half of the first round. However, moving forward we’re going to be a running back hater because that’s just how we have to adapt to stay on top of the game.

Zero RB is the ONLY strategy for fantasy football moving forward. I need elite wide receivers and someone like Rhamondre Stevenson who you developed in the 4th round. That’s how you win now.

When it comes to the draft, unless I’m creaming myself over an elite level player, we’re not even touching the position until the third round. Even that might be too high. Odds are I can find someone in the 7th round I’ll like that can play anyway. I’d rather take a receiver in three straight rounds before I sniff the RB market.

In terms of compensation, if it’s not team friendly like Chubb or Ekeler, get real noob. You can be someone else’s problem.

Look, I’m on it for the most part. I just need to adjust some of my thoughts on the running back position. The Steelers regret this pick and don’t let them tell you differently.

Credit to Scott. He got this one right and deserves praise for it.


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