Bryn  Forbes
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

If you know me and how passionate I am about my San Antonio Spurs, you have grown to know how I felt about Bryn Forbes. He is a young player that if he is not shooting well, he was a defensive liability. The Spurs were simply playing him too many minutes for not enough production. Now that he is with the Bucks, I have no problem writing about Bryn Forbes. I hate to be negative towards Spurs’ players while they are still with the team but as long as they leave, it’s not an issue.

Bryn Forbes as a Spurs’ player was frustrating. If he was hitting shots as a shooter, there was no issue with him. If he wasn’t hitting shots, he was a problem. He was a liability on the defensive side of the ball, so if he wasn’t hitting shots, there was no use for him. In the last two seasons for the Spurs’, he played at least 25 minutes. In the last two seasons, he only averages 11 points per season. In 25 minutes, that isn’t the greatest thing you could have. That is less than about 1 point every two minutes. For the amount of defense he brings, that is not nearly enough.

Currently, the Bucks have him only playing 15 minutes, and I can’t say I blame them. He is only a situational guy. He is a guy that you need to shoot 3s when you need him. You don’t rely much else on him than just to shoot 3s. He is over 40% shooting for 3 for the Spurs in the last two seasons. That should be his only role for the Bucks. The Spurs needed two-way players that could shoot decently and play defense on the other side. Bryn Forbes just didn’t fit that formula.

Now, that he is gone, the Spurs have played better and it seems that Bryn Forbes is only there for shooting for the Bucks. Some could criticize the Spurs for playing him for both sides of the ball rather than just shooting purposes, but that just fails to realize the issue that Bryn Forbes was garbage on defense. He may have a role for the Bucks, but the Spurs were right to let him go.