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Ryen Russillo

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Ryen Russillo Is So Damn Good

Ryen Russillo
Ryen Russillo is damn good at what he does. I’m ready to declare Russillo as far and away the best national sports media personality on the internet. (Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Rhone)

Ryen Russillo Is So Damn Good

I think I’m ready to declare Ryen Russillo as the best National Sports media personality on the internet. Maybe it’s because he kinda looks like a long lost uncle I could have had in a past life. The guy likes to crush weights and nail sports topics?

Say what you want about the national media but it’s mostly filled with untalented squids. It’s filled with losers that go to these smart schools but don’t actually know anything about sports. Every time we hire one of those nerds, they usually fail here. Russillo is just a smart Mass hole that gets it.

I watch hockey every night. I still follow the NBA but I’m not keeping up with it on a nightly basis. You always need people you can trust to keep you informed about what’s going on in sports that you’re not watching on a nightly basis. Russillo is one of those guys for me. I watch his clip on The Ringer YouTube channel every week.

This week, Russillo had a segment on the most recent blow up by Magic Johnson who once again crushed the Lakers on ESPN. I did not and have not seen the clips of Magic trashing the Lakers. Mostly because our NBA team here stinks and is unable to actually cover anything. Additionally, I didn’t need to. Russillo covered it perfectly.

It was a perfect segment for so many reasons.

A: I keep seeing all this stuff about how the Lakers need to trade Anthony Davis. I’m still waiting for someone to come up with a logical trade package that makes sense. They can’t come up with one so I’m glad Russillo mentioned that part.

B: Magic Johnson is an asshole. He’s only getting away with this because LeBron is more knowledgable about the ins and outs of hot dog eating contests than he is about NBA personnel. If your process starts with Russell Westbrook, you’re probably not that intelligent.

Back to Magic, it’s actually insane he gets away with this. You can’t blame ESPN. It’s ratings. However, Russillo brings up a great point. Imagine anytime the Celtics were struggling, Larry Bird waltzed into the ESPN studios and just ripped the entire organization? It would be weird.

Russillo flamed Magic for several reasons. One of which, I can’t believe more people haven’t called Magic out for. The things Magic said on ESPN aren’t even allowed with the NBA salary cap. The Lakers physically could not have acquired DeMar DeRozan AND Buddy Hield which is what Magic claims he would have done. Magic also showed support for the Westbrook move despite saying on ESPN he was against it.

Maybe don’t put that Tweet out if you’re just going to act like a hypocrite when things go south?

A further point needs to be made. There are just so many untalented people in the sports media world. Russillo’s take shouldn’t have had to be a take. There should have been 50 blog posts about how Magic was totally wrong. Instead, we are numb to it and the Lakers will be the punching bag. Don’t get me wrong, LeBron is totally at fault here but it doesn’t make what Magic did right. He consults the team all the time.

It’s so hard to find talented people like Russillo. I’m not saying we don’t have any here but there is a reason why I keep firing people. They don’t have it. I don’t have time to baby someone that doesn’t know how to use link backs. I don’t have time to keep people around that are incapable of writing news posts. I don’t have time to keep people around that aren’t intelligent at sports.

Russillo is damn good at what he does. We need more people like him in the sports media world. My heart is filled with hate so it takes a lot for me to even compliment someone. He’s damn good and I hope one day we can actually build a capable NBA team here because right now my left ass cheek could do a better job covering it than what our NBA team is doing.

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