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Fantasy Football is not always about the flashy picks that make your league-mates go “Ooooh” and “Ahhhh.” Oftentimes, the right pick is the “boring” one, not the flamboyant one with “upside.” In this case, Ryan Tannehill is the perfect “boring” pick that everyone should be looking to make in their fantasy drafts. Let’s take a look at why this is the case.

It seems like everyone forgot that Ryan Tannehill finished last season as the QB 7 in fantasy football. Well, I sure didn’t. Not to mention, he now gets to throw the ball to two of the elite wide receivers in the league in A.J. Brown and Julio Jones. Lastly, it’s hard to forget about Derrick Henry, who takes up so much of the opposing defenses’ attention, opening up the game for Tannehill often through play-action.

Now the trade may not be great for Julio’s individual fantasy value but replacing Corey Davis with a future Hall of Famer, who most definitely still has a lot left in the tank, does wonders for Tannehill in fantasy. Most importantly, it will likely make the Titans a more balanced team in terms of how often they rush and pass, giving Tannehill more opportunities to score fantasy points. Furthermore, just as A.J. Brown’s emergence into an elite receiver boosted Tannehill’s value, the addition of Julio Jones will have a similar impact through Julio’s ability to make plays that Adam Humphries or Anthony Firkser simply couldn’t.

Let’s also not forget about Tannehill’s rushing ability which is criminally underrated, especially for fantasy football purposes. He was able to score seven touchdowns with his legs last year and averaged a healthy 6 yards per attempt in 43 rushing attempts. This is important because it gives Tannehill the upside to have truly massive weeks and helps raise his ceiling as well as his floor significantly.

Now all this equates to a fantasy football gem, so why isn’t he being drafted like one? Tannehill’s value being this low is exactly why you shouldn’t be drafting Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, or Kyler Murray within the first four or five rounds of your draft. Instead, stack up on positions that have a lesser supply of elite talent, such as running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. Then, look to draft a quarterback like Ryan Tannehill, who has a safe and reliable floor but also has the upside to win you a week.

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