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Ryan Poles

(AP Photo/Kamil Krzaczynski)

Ryan Poles Panic Trade For DJ Moore Will Cost Him His Job

Ryan Poles
The panic trade by Ryan Poles for DJ Moore will cost him his job. Chicago got robbed in the trade down with Carolina. (AP Photo/Kamil Krzaczynski)

Ryan Poles Panic Traded For DJ Moore Should Cost Will His Job

Let’s take a trip down the blind resume lane, shall we? Okay, by the name of the title you have the inside track on knowing one of the players is DJ Moore. Will you believe who the other is?

2022 Player A: 63 receptions, 888 yards, 7 touchdowns.

2022 Player B: 84 receptions, 1,108 yards, 8 touchdowns.

Player A is DJ Moore. Player B is Christian Kirk…

There is no gap between the two. In fact, I think Kirk is actually better but that’s a coin flip either way. regardless, that’s who the Chicago Bears panicked traded over. Ryan Poles wet himself from DJ Moore and there is no other way to describe this trade down by Chicago.

Let’s do one more?

2022 Player C: 46 catches, 451 yards, 1 touchdown.




Those are the numbers of Chase Claypool who Chicago just gave up the first pick in the second round for.

This is now the second time that Ryan Poles has made a panic trade for a receiver because he doesn’t have one. Poles isn’t just a liar. He’s a big fat idiot too. In terms of trade ups to acquire a franchise quarterback in the draft, this one is maybe the weakest ever. It’s going to cost him his job. If we didn’t know he was stupid before, we do now.

A: It’s March. Look at the calendar. Guess what? The Carolina Panthers wouldn’t have had a quarterback by April either. There were ZERO reasons to do this now. We know why he did it.

We take you live to a scene involving Poles and DJ Moore.


Yup. It’s no guarantee the Panthers pull this off but the smart move by Chicago would have been to move down twice. Houston wants a QB. Indianapolis wants one. Seattle very well might take one. The haul that Chicago would have gotten would have been far greater than this one they just got had Trey been in charge.

C: Trades to acquire franchise quarterbacks in the draft have historically been way more.

I present you the RG3 trade between Washington to move up from 6 to 2.

The 49ers gave up two firsts and a third to go from 12 to 3. A trade to get the third quarterback in the draft in Trey Lance. This was a trade from 9 to one to select the first quarterback in the draft. A piss poor return when you slice it like that.

D: Carolina might win the NFC South. It’s very possible. NFC South is a joke right now. Tom Brady is gone. Saints are being coached by Dennis Allen. Falcons are a pathetic. Very real chance this pick comes in at 22 next year. Then what?

E: You now have bad leverage in all future DJ Moore contract talks. You’re going to have to overpay like crazy to keep him in the building for the long haul.

Remember the Bears still have to hit on these picks too. It’s a bad draft. How many guys do you feel okay taking in the first round this year? For me it’s maybe ten total? Maybe Chicago can salvage this somehow by nailing the future picks they just got from Carolina. I just don’t know how you can have any confidence in Poles to do so. He’s shown his cards. Big fat dummy who also lies. When he gets fired down the road I will say I told you so. Will you be smart enough to hire me when it happens?

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this is the dumbest person ever in the history of the world!! lmao what a scumbag!


This guy literally shouldn’t be writing for a living. His opinions are misguided and his writing skills and editing are absolutely atrocious. Is he still in high school?


Whoever wrote this article is a classless terd who purports to know nothing about football. Citing stats from Moore and Kirk last year (knowing the carousal of jokers Moore had throwing to him) to try and say Kirk is the better WR?? Moore is a WR1. Kirk is not. Also, calling someone names (“a big fat idiot”) in an article supposed to be about football is pretty absurd. Bears got the WR1 they desperately needed which they weren’t going to get in free agency, stay in the top 10 this year, add a 2nd rounder this year (I will readily admit the Claypool trade was awful), add a first rounder next year (that will likely be in the top 10), plus a 2nd rounder in 2025.. Seems pretty good to me!!!


Although you have salient points you lose all credibility by calling someone fat. Compensation was adequate not the best nor the worst…Overpaid for Claypool is obvious but still will be a starter here. DJ Moore would be Davante Adams with a good QB let’s see if Fields is the deal…


Ryan Daubert has the worst takes in the history in the NFL. He’s a complete dipshit


Out of town stupid take. Obviously just throwing insults to be “controversial”.

Sgt G

Well I’m a CAR Panther fan and this makes me feel a little better about myself

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