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Rudy Gobert Already Hates Minnesota?

Rudy Gobert Already Hates Minnesota?

The Minnesota Timberwolves were able to move back up above .500 following a win on Monday against the Heat. The victory served as their fourth straight win for a Wolves team that seems to finally be finding their groove.

Despite the recent success, it’s clear that fans are still not sold. Following a slow start in the first half and a sluggish third quarter, the fans begin booing which clearly rubbed Rudy Gobert the wrong way.

Gobert had this to say about the fans who booed.

“I just don’t appreciate people that come in to boo your team,” Gobert said. “When you’re a fan, you’ve got to support your team in the tough or the good moments.”

Rudy Gobert via The Score

Gobert further voiced his frustrations by telling Wolves fans that if they weren’t going to support them at their worst then they should simply just stay home.

“There’s no team in NBA history that only had good moments, so if you’re not going to support us in the tough moments, just stay home.”

Rudy Gobert via The Score

It’s clear that Gobert has some strong opinions on this topic. However, it’s never a good idea to simply just bash on your fans and make them angry. What would be more effective is, I don’t know, maybe begin playing better and earning the support and respect of your fans.

Wolves fans have been through enough. They had to endure 13 years of missing the playoffs and are at a point where they believe they have a team that can make a serious run. So, seeing them underachieve so much thus far is obviously very frustrating for the fans.

Following the trade for Gobert, many Wolves fans had heightened expectations going into this season. The trade gave them one of the better starting groups in the league, but it’s clear, as of now at least, that the spacing and chemistry are not there and it’s showing on the floor.

Many people, including my boss Trey Daubert, were extremely critical of the trade and felt that the Jazz got away with highway robbery. And while I wasn’t initially as critical of the trade, I’m starting to see the thought process and feel more and more like the Wolves gave up wayyyy too much for Gobert.

Gobert was also asked if he thought the booing came from fans having more expectations for the team. His response?

“I don’t care,” Gobert said. “I’ve never experienced that before. You can’t just boo every time the other team makes a run. That’s not the support that we need. That’s not the support we expect.”

Rudy Gobert via The Score

Hey Rudy, do you want to know how to gain the support of your fans? Start playing better, it’s that simple. You have to understand that these fans are tired of watching losing basketball and your complaining and whining aren’t going to magically make the fans support you.

The Timberwolves gave up ALOT to bring you in, so start playing like it and just maybe the fans will support you.

Until that happens, quit your whining. All you’re doing is alienating yourself from the fans. It’s only going to make them more frustrated. They’ve been fans for their entire lives and you’ve been here barely 20 games. Who the hell are you to tell them how they should “support” you?

In general, I have a problem with players complaining about fan support. It’s one thing if fans aren’t showing up at all, and with the recent history of Timberwolves basketball, they should be lucky fans show up at all. But to sit there and demand they cheer for and support you at all times is childish. God this trade looks worse by the day both on and off the court. Someone needs to tell Gobert to grow up.


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