Rodney Hood
(Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Rodney Hood has decided to decline his player option. He is coming off an Achilles tear and is looking to join a new team. This was reported by Adrian Wojnarowski.

Over, the past few years Rodney Hood has been a valuable piece of the Portland Trail Blazers roster. But with him having a year to fully recover from the injury. He can help a team immediately.

Hood was having a promising season in which he was averaging 11 points per game and shooting nearly 50% on a team that has Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

Remember that game three performance?

The Blazers acquired Hood two seasons ago at the trade deadline. Last year with Portland averaged 9.9 points per game and shot 35.5% from the three-point range in Portland’s Western Conference Finals run. In the second round in 2019, he had one of the biggest games of his career.

In game 3 against the Denver Nuggets, Rodney Hood was not played late in the fourth quarter through the first three overtime periods. But in the fourth overtime, he came in and made a game-clinching three-pointer.

This is the second time within just a little over a year that Hood will be a free agent. There may still be a chance he comes back to Portland. In the 2019 NBA free agency period, he re-signed with the Blazers and said that Portland is the best place for his family to be was in Portland. As a three-point shooting team, Portland is one of the places that fit Hood’s play style.

This could be a cause of the trade yesterday. Or maybe the Blazers front office knew about Hood leaving and they went out an got his replacement. There is a lot for Portland to still do this offseason.

After declining the option Rodney Hood agreed to a 2 year, $21 million contract with the second year. So he will stay with Portland.