DeAndre Ayton
The 2018 NBA Draft is still months away but it doesn’t look like the Suns are struggling with their decision on who to draft with the first overall pick. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Remember when the Cleveland Browns held the first overall pick and they refused to tell us who they were drafting for months? Well, it looks like the Phoenix Suns aren’t wasting any time letting the public know who they will draft. Arizona center DeAndre Ayton won’t even have to leave the state because it appears that the Suns have their eyes set on drafting him with the first overall pick.

John Gambadoro is a very trusted radio host in the Arizona area and has reported that the Suns are pretty much a lock to draft Ayton at number one.

Obviously, things can change in a hurry but Ayton was expected to be the first pick in the draft regardless of what team held the selection. Then again, maybe let’s not write this one off just yet. Remember that time when Markelle Fultz kept taking pictures within the Celtics facility before they found out that the guy was clueless and didn’t even know how many teams were in the NBA? Interviews and workouts could change this but it looks like Ayton will become the next member of the Phoenix Suns.


That would likely set in motion for the Kings to take Luka Doncic with the 2nd pick in the draft. Some think the Suns will take Doncic considering the fact that they just hired Igor Kokoškov who coached Doncic for a time over in Europe. Then again, the coach probably won’t factor into the decision when it comes to drafting players on the roster. Phoenix better hope Ayton is the real deal because they risk losing Devin Booker in a few years if they don’t turn this puppy around in a hurry.

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