Adam Gase
Adam Gase did not want Le’Veon Bell which caused major friction with now fired GM Mike Maccagnan (Seth Wenig/AP)

I truly believe that Adam Gase is a smart human. I get whatever he was doing with his eyes in his opening Jets press conference wasn’t great. However, you have to be pretty damn smart to take Ryan Tannehill to the playoffs and Jay Cutler to an NFC Title Game. Gase did that. Today, the Jets fired general manager Mike Maccagnan and VP of player personnel Brian Heimerdinger. Gase won the power struggle and now we know why.

According to Manish Mehta of the Daily News, Gase did not want Le’Veon Bell. Maccagnon, of course, signed Bell to a 4-year, $52 million contract:

I put report in the title of the post for one reason. Manish Mehta is a shaky reporter at best. He refuted the claim that Maccagnan and Gase had any friction to begin with. Obviously, we know he was wrong now.

Yeah, if you didn’t know already, Mehta is not great at his job. Take anything he says with a grain of salt. Some things we can piece together without reporters knowledge. It’s not hard to figure out that Gase obviously did not like some of the things the Jets did in the offseason or else the friction wouldn’t exist. Bell has to be at the top of the list. If we go under the assumption that Gase is a smart guy, then we can also piece together that giving Le’Veon Bell that kind of money wasn’t a smart decision. Any person with a brain has been saying that for weeks.

Other things that could have pissed Gase off could have been the following. The Jets drafted one offensive lineman the past 5 years. YIKES. The Jets offensive line stinks too. The price tag for CJ Mosley may have been a little too rich for his taste. Maybe Gase wanted to move down from number 3 in the draft to collect more picks? All could be true. The one that makes the most sense is not wanting Le’Veon Bell and any person with a brain wouldn’t pay a running back $52 million after sitting out an entire season.