Mookie Betts
The Marlins were apparently obsessed with Mookie Betts before he became a star (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Giancarlo Stanton was moved to the Yankees this offseason after his monstrous $325 million contract started to kick in this year. However, years before that, the Marlins actually tried to trade Stanton in 2014. Miami had one target on their mind and was willing to trade any player on the roster for a no-name prospect down in the Red Sox system. His name was Mookie Betts and has since turned into a superstar despite never being on the top prospect radars. Former Marlins president was obviously infatuated with him and tried his damn best to acquire Betts.

“Certainly from an insider standpoint. This is a guy we tried to get from the Red Sox. We tried to get him for anyone,” Samson, now an analyst for CBS Sports, said while discussing whether Betts is appreciated enough across Major League Baseball. “When we were looking with Hanley or with Stanton or with anybody — any way to get Betts — and he was just untouchable.”
Now the Marlins could have easily drafted Betts in the 5th round of the 2011 MLB Draft if the Marlins liked him so much. Samson served as the Marlins president from 2002 to 2017. The Marlins now have a new regime with Derek Jeter who was hesitant to deal with the Red Sox when Stanton’s name came up this offseason. In the end, Boston has to be relieved they never traded one of those stud outfielders that is leading the Red Sox to the best record in the majors. Betts is on fire to start the 2018 season and hit three home runs on Tuesday which is the same number Stanton has all season.

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Miami ended up trading Stanton for salary relief, some lower level prospects, and Starlin Castro. Hell, at this point, Starlin Castro is a better player than Stanton and you just hate to see that. Castro was a former All-Star and was never appreciated by the great fans in New York. A real shame.