Ramona Shelburne
ESPN’s The Jump

Ramona Shelburne gives NBA award voters a bad name. It’s no secret in the past that award voting has been based on stories. The reason why Derrick Rose won his MVP was all because it was a good narrative. But to have an actual voter come out and say it does not sit well in my mouth, and it should’t for your either.

Why do people like this get to vote on NBA awards? Does the league just hand that right out to anyone? I’m tired of the Colin Cowherd’s and Nick Wright’s of the world that vote for LeBron just because it’s LeBron. Shelburne gave no other reason than because the Lakers missed the playoffs the previous six years and are now the no. 1 team out West. I think that has more to do with the arrival of Anthony Davis than LeBron carrying this team. Even when LeBron was healthy last season, the pace the Lakers where on would not have put them at the top of the West. Davis coming to LA greatly improved this team and made them a title favorite. But even then, I would argue that the Lakers aren’t even the best team in LA.

I could sit here all day and argue about who the real MVP is, but it’s not LeBron. Narratives should not drive who the MVP is. The Rose narrative is what cost LeBron an MVP in 2011. If LeBron is to win the MVP, it has to be because he is beyond the shadow of a doubt the best player in the league. That is not the case this year. Ramona Shelburne, you should never be allowed to vote for an NBA award ever again. Give that right to me or anyone else here at Vendetta. At least we will give an actual, intellectual reason for our vote.