Nick Bosa
Put Nick Bosa in the Hall of Fame Now. Bosa stepped into the league day one and has done nothing but dominate. (Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s rare to find a rookie step in and now only dominate, but establish himself as the premier player at his respective position right away. That’s basically what Nick Bosa is doing. Nick Bosa hasn’t just been the best rookie this year, you can already bookmark him for Canton. Nick Bosa stepped into the NFL and started playing like a gold jacket guy.

Bosa currently leads the NFL in pressure percentage at 19.6. A little less than 20 percent of Bosa’s rushes, he gets heat on the quarterback. He’s doing it better than everyone else as a rookie. Not all of them have translated in sacks but he still has 7 on the season. He will likely get 10 by years end. Double digit sack guy as a rookie. That’s no joke. Bosa was pretty close to can’t miss coming out of Ohio State and he’s living up to that potential.

Bosa is also showing purely freakish traits. He’s coming away with crazy interceptions, forcing fumbles, and dominating in the run game. It’s becoming fairly obvious that Bosa is the run away defensive rookie of the year. Maybe even defensive player of the year. He’s been that good.

Bosa isn’t just dominating. The former Ohio State pass rusher is having his impact felt on the team. During the 2018 season, San Francisco ranked 13th in yards allowed and 28th in points allowed. This season, San Fran ranks 2nd in yards allowed and 2nd in points allowed. Outside of Dee Ford, Bosa was really the only other notable addition. Bosa has essentially transformed a below average defense to an elite defense by himself. That’s what Hall of Famers do.

Nick Bosa is going to be in the Hall of Fame. Now it’s just a matter of getting to enjoy watching this transformational talent for the next 10 or however many years. Nick Bosa is a monster and the 49ers are lucky to have him. He’s one of the reasons why the 49ers are so damn good.