Colin Cowherd
I have official proof that Colin Cowherd doesn’t watch football. His latest segment on The Herd proves that Cowherd’s opinion should be taken with a grain of salt.

I Have Proof That Colin Cowherd Doesn’t Watch Football

Sometimes Colin Cowherd has something really smart to say. Usually, it’s after he’s changed his mind seven times, but there are times that he sounds intelligent. It’s been hard to tell if Cowherd actually knows what he’s talking about. Changes his mind… a lot but is well spoken. He even comes up with segments that make you question how you think which is a positive. However, today is the day it’s been decided.

I have proof that Cowherd doesn’t watch football. Either that or he’s 12 cocktails deep every Sunday. During a recent segment on The Herd, Colin tries to guess which quarterback is which just based on their voice and cadence. Not saying it’s easy but Cowherd’s effort is beyond embarrassing.

I’m always honest and transparent. I got two wrong. I thought the Joe Burrow one was Jimmy Garropolo. I also thought the Jimmy Garoppolo one was Kirk Cousins. By NO MEANS is it easy. I kind of want everyone to take the test and report back. However, there are some serious layups.

The Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Patrick Mahomes cadence is painfully obvious. If you watch an ounce of football (or even one commercial) you know what those guys sound like. Cowherd didn’t have a clue. He would have been better off guessing Ronald McDonald. That’s how wrong he was.

I don’t care how many cocktails Cowherd is or isn’t drinking. Full transparency, I watched the segment blitzed off my ass and at least got a passing grade. Truthfully, I couldn’t stop laughing. Cowherd has a better chance of going on an excursion with Spongebob than he does at guessing a quarterback’s cadence.

Want to hear the worst part? Cowherd only had 14 quarterbacks to pick from… Only the playoff eligible quarterbacks were being used.

Isn’t it kinda sad? This guy gets paid millions of dollars and has ZERO idea what Rodgers, Brady, or Mahomes sounds like? If that doesn’t tell you there is a problem in the sports media industry, I don’t know what will.