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Power Rankings: Mario Party Superstars Maps

Mario Party Superstars
It’s power rankings time. What are the best maps in Mario Party Superstars? Check out the official rankings here. (Nintendo)

Power Rankings: Mario Party Superstars Maps

The last time I wrote a Mario Party post, it was about the contrast in characters. In Mario Party Superstars, all characters have the same abilities. Sooooo this time around we’re going to rank all of the maps.

Personally, I love Mario Party and I hope in the future we can provide some of that type of content here at Vendetta. In the meantime, enjoy the power rankings!

5: Space Land

I hate this map. I don’t necessarily hate the space theme but this map brings nothing to the table. Sure, it has the Bowser cannon when the countdown ends but they did it way better in the last Mario Party game. This one it’s just random shy guys running around shifting people all over the place. Then maybe you’re lucky enough to have a key to something that probably doesn’t matter. It’s just a mess. Overall bad.

Space Land

4: Woody Woods

This map is fine but the constant switching of routes is kinda annoying. Every single turn you have to hope and pray you’re at the right spot before a switcharoo happens on you cause you didn’t get a high enough roll. That part alone puts it at number four. The only cool part of this map is the tree. It drops some coins or another dice. Cool… Good enough to play but certainly not the breadwinner.

Woody Woods

3: Yoshi’s Tropical Island

This one is your pumpkin spice late. Very basic. Simpleton brain map. There are two spots. Watermelons on the left and cantaloupes on the right. The star goes back and forth based on if someone gets a star or if someone hits the event space. Sometimes simple works. It’s a good map but it’s listed as a one-star difficulty for a reason.

Yoshi's Tropical Island

2: Horror Land

The five-star difficulty is a bit overstated. It’s not like this map blows it out of the water in terms of being difficult. The warp to get across the map is a very good touch. More so in love with the eye. It fits the creepy vibes. The map also has a nice touch going from day to night having an effect on how the map plays out. Good map. Wouldn’t give it an A+ but about as good as it gets for this game.

Horror Land

1: Peach’s Birthday Cake

Now, this map hits. Double-layer cake full of chaos. There’s also a Bowser element to this map when somehow he doesn’t exist on the horror map. The best part of this map are the strawberries you can plant. Total game changers. Those plants come out and suck the life out of your opponent. I’m in love with this map. Easily the best map in this game and I’m not sure there is a close second.

Peach's Birthday Cake


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