It’s episode one of Vendetta Gaming’s Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Nuzlocke challenge. In this cockfighting simulator marketed towards children, Chad Bauman picks his starter Pokémon (names him after Trey) and sets out to be the best. The very best, like no one ever was.

First off, the rules of the Challenge:

  1. If a Pokémon loses all of its HP it’s dead.
  2. Chad can only catch the first Pokémon encountered in any given area.
  3. No using items in battle.
  4. Cannot level Pokémon past the current Gym leaders stongest Pokemon.
  5. Chad cannot use the internet to look up game information/strategies.
  6. Chad must complete a challenge decided by the viewersif his team wipes.
  7. Pokémon nicknames are required.
  8. Duplicate claus; if Chad encounters a Pokémon from an evolutionary line he already has he gets a new encounter in that area.
  9. Shiny claus; Shiny Pokémon encounter can be caught no matter.

Can chad (you understand why it’s not capitalized after watching) beat Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and become champion of the Sinnoh region, while turning the difficulty up to 11? Find out, as the journey starts here.

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