Sam Howell
Picky Eater Alert! Sam Howell only eats chicken nuggets. No steak, burgers, or lobster for the North Carolina quarterback. (Robert Willett/The News & Observer via AP, Pool)

Picky Eater Alert: Sam Howell Only Eats Chicken Nuggets

Sam Howell is one of the more notable quarterback prospects for the 2022 NFL Draft. Howell’s draft stock unfortunately has taken a dip today. I’m not sure there has been a bigger red flag at the quarterback position. Howell only eats chicken nuggets.

“People give me a hard time, but the only meat I eat is chicken,” Howell said, via Mark Armstrong of ABC11. “It’s been like that my whole life. I really don’t know why. I started that when I was younger, but it’s something I’ve kind of just kept up through my whole life. Chicken is the only meat I eat, so I only go to restaurants that serve something with chicken on the menu.”

“On Sundays, after we get a win we have Victory Dinner,” Gemmel said. “We’re sitting around eating lobster and having steak, and Sam comes in and he has his chicken tenders coming around because that’s the only thing he eats. We give him a hard time about it every Sunday.”

I’ll fully admit, I’m a picky eater. Carbs are overrated outside of Pizza. Still, some line has to be drawn. A hard no on burgers and steak is quite the stance.

C’mon, we all have our pet peeves. I could never date someone that was allergic to seafood. That’s a hard no for me dog. Only chicken nuggets? I’ll be honest, it would probably be pretty cool to be the starting quarterback at North Carolina. I’m not trading lives with him if I’m confined to only chicken. HARD NO.

Side Note: comment your biggest deal breakers when it comes to dating.

Will NFL teams hold the only chicken thing against Howell on draft day? It’s a bit of a weak quarterback class too. It will be interesting to see what Howell looks like next year without his two star running backs (Javonte Williams and Michael Carter) who declared for the NFL Draft.