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Pick Em Challenge

Pick Em Challenge
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The Vendetta pick-em challenge is underway. Week one sucked for both of us as we are tied at 6-10. Now that we were able to see what these teams look like, the real fun begins. Let’s get right to it.

Pick Em Challenge NFL Week Two: Thursday Night Football

Krieger: New York +3.5

Fontanello: New York +3.5

The Giants let me down yet again. What else is new? However, in this matchup, you gotta go with the Giants. The Washington Football Team is without Ryan Fitzpatrick and Daniel Jones is 4-0 against this squad, even though he and Jason Garrett suck. Not to mention, the dreaded public money is on Washington.

Pick Em Challenge 1:00 PM Games

Krieger: Pittsburgh -5.5

Fontanello: Pittsburgh -5.5

The Steelers killed me and the Bills last week and the Raiders were my saving grace Monday Night. However, in Pittsburgh, there’s no way the Raiders make this a close game. Take the Steelers as they are rocking and rolling right now.

Krieger: Cinncinati +1.5

Fontanello: Chicago -1.5

I know how bad the Bears looked Sunday Night and I know the Bengals surprised a lot of people. But, can we chill on the Bengals for a hot second they beat a notoriously under-achieving Vikings squad and are still a young team with a lot to learn. In Soldier Field, the more experienced Bears squad is going to win this game and at -1.5 I love that number.

Krieger: Houston +13.5

Fontanello: Cleveland -13.5

The Browns will always Brown last week they let a game they had won against the Chiefs slip away. Nevertheless, they still covered which is what we care about. Going back home facing a Houston team that beat up on a very young Jags team I think this is a blowout. Although, I hate taking lines this big I just can’t back the Texans against the Browns.

Krieger: Los Angeles Rams -3.5

Fontanello: Los Angeles Rams -3.5

I am not falling for this again the Colts have a lot of work to do and playing a Rams team that looked awesome Sunday Night spells disaster for this Colts team. The Rams are worlds better than the Colts and will show just how good they are this Sunday.

Krieger: Buffalo -3.5

Fontanello: Miami +3.5

The Dolphins are home underdogs and I love it. It pains me to bet against the Bills, but I love the Dolphins in this game. You can expect the Dolphins to split the season series with the Bills and this is the one win. The public is on the Bills and the public is the kiss of death. Take the Dolphins and let’s go phins!

Krieger: Patriots -5.5

Fontanello: Patriots -5.5

The Patriots are coming off a loss and facing their personal punching bag the Jets. The Jets actually showed some promise in Week 1 and fought hard in Carolina. However, the Jets can’t beat the Patriots and this game will get ugly.

Krieger: Philedelphia +3

Fontanello: San Francisco -3

The 49ers are traveling to Philadelphia to play the Eagles. The Niners killed us with a really bad beat next week, but the Eagles are not good and they will struggle against a much better defense and offense than what they faced in Atlanta. Take the Niners here as they will roll.

Krieger: Carolina +3.5

Fontanello: New Orleans -3.5

The Saints shocked the football world on Sunday bludgeoning the Packers. Aaron Rodgers played his worst game ever and Jamies Winston looked amazing. The Saints are legit and will seriously contend for the division. The Panthers are promising, but not ready for the Saints.

Krieger: Broncos -5.5

Fontanello: Jaxonville +5.5

The Broncos come to town and are playing the Jaguars who are super young and inexperienced. However, I like the Jags here the Broncos aren’t that good, and even though I think the Broncos win. There’s a lot of potential for the Jags to cover and keep the game close.

Pick Em Challenge 4:25 PM Games

Krieger: Arizona -3.5

Fontanello: Arizona -3.5

The Vikings go on the road to take on the Cardinals in Arizona. The Cardinals are going to demolish the Vikings. The Vikings have the same identity as the Titans and we saw what the Cardinals did to them. Also, we saw the Vikings do what they do best lose games they had in their hands.

Krieger: Atlanta +12.5

Fontanello: Tampa Bay -12.5

The Buccaneers failed to cover last week against the Cowboys in brutal fashion. However, The Falcons suck and there’s no way the Bucs don’t stomp this team out. I don’t love these big lines so take this as soon as you can in case the line goes up even more.

Krieger: Dallas +3

Fontanello: Dallas +3

The Cowboys looked good on offense bad on defense on Thursday as I expected. Nevertheless, I’m not so sure they win this game however, they will cover against a pretty good Chargers squad.

Krieger: Seattle -6.5

Fontanello: Seattle -6.5

Seattle looked really good on Sunday and Russel Wilson is still a great player. Playing at home against a Titans squad that just got blitzed by a similar team. Seattle is going to easily cover this game.

Sunday Night Football

Krieger: Kansas City Chiefs -3.5

Fontanello: Kansas City Chiefs -3.5

The Chiefs are on the road to take on Baltimore and this couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Ravens. The Ravens just let the game slip away in Vegas and the Chiefs have not lost to the Ravens since Mahomes has been under center. I think the Chiefs expose the Ravens badly and crush them in this game.

Monday Night Football

Krieger: Green Bay Packers -12.5

Fontanello: Green Bay Packers -12.5

The Packers just got throttled by the Saints and Rodgers looked the worst he ever has. There is no way the Lions are even close in this game. Packers are going to blow the doors off this team in Lambeau.

The week two picks are in and it will be much better than last week that’s for sure. Let’s ride and have a great football Sunday.



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