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Pick Em

Pick Em
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The Pick Em Challenge continues on into Week Seven. Alex Chick is still leading the way in first place, Font is in second, and Kriegs is in third. Last week wasn’t as bad as it has been for us. Maybe, that’s a sign of things to come. Nevertheless, the picks are coming in and it’s time to ride.

Pick Em Challenge Thursday Night Football

Chick: Denver +1.5

Krieger: Cleveland -1.5

Fontanello: Denver +1.5

Thursday night football is normally a tough game to pick. However, The Browns are super banged up and I don’t think they can recover from that. Von Miller will feast gimme the Broncos

Pick Em Challenge 1:00 PM Games

Chick: Cincinatti +6.5

Krieger: Cincinatti +6.5

Fontanello: Baltimore -6.5

The Ravens are good like really good. I am done doubting this team and even though I love the Bengals. I am not confident they can win this game.

Chick: Carolina -3

Krieger: Carolina -3

Fontanello: New York Giants +3

The only reason I’m taking the Giants is that I’m going to the game. Other than that there’s no reason I would take the Giants right now.

Chick: Green Bay -7.5

Krieger: Green Bay -7.5

Fontanello: Green Bay -7.5

The Packers are 5-0 ATS in their last five games and I did say Rodgers owned the Bears, even he knows it. The Packers are rolling and you just can’t bet against them right now.

Chick: Tennassee +4.5

Krieger: Kansas City -4.5

Fontanello: Tennassee +4.5

The Titans definitely are a good team when they get Derrick Henry going. The Chiefs have the worst run defense in the NFL and that spells disaster against the King.

Chick: Atlanta -2.5

Krieger: Miami +2.5

Fontanello: Miami +2.5

I don’t think the Falcons should ever be a road favorite, but the Dolphins have so many problems of their own. However, I just don’t trust the Falcons here.

Chick: New England -7

Krieger: New England -7

Fontanello: New England -7

The Jets are just not a team you can bet on especially when they play the Pats. Even without Tom Brady the Jets still can’t beat the Pats.

Pick Em Challenge 4:25 PM Games

Chick: Detriot +15.5

Krieger: Detriot +15.5

Fontanello: Detriot +15.5

The Lions are fiesty and with Jarred Goff going back to LA it could end up being a close game. Also, double-digit spreads this high you almost have to take the underdog.

Chick: Las Vegas -3

Krieger: Las Vegas -3

Fontanello: Las Vegas -3

The Raiders responded nicely to the aftermath of the Jon Gruden drama and I expect them to continue this trend. Also, I don’t like that the Eagles have to go cross country here to play a team with a chip on their shoulder so take the Raiders.

Chick: Chicago +12.5

Krieger: Chicago +12.5

Fontanello: Tampa Bay -12.5

Tom Brady is having another great season. It’s not even surprising at this point, I love the Bucs here and think they make life miserable for Justin Fields.

Chick: Houston +17.5

Krieger: Houston +17.5

Fontanello: Arizona -17.5

The Texans are terrible and I love the Cardinals. Kyler Murray is going to shred this team apart and it’ll be way out of reach long before halftime.

Sunday Night Football

Chick: Indinapolis +4

Krieger: San Francisco -4

Fontanello: San Francisco -4

Two teams, I still have no idea if they are good or not. The Colts chocked away a win in Baltimore two weeks ago and that still lives with me. I’m taking the Niners here.

Monday Night Football

Chick: Seattle +5.5

Krieger: Seattle +5.5

Fontanello: Seattle +5.5

The Seahawks have been dealt a big blow with Russel Wilson being hurt for multiple weeks. However, Geno Smith managed to cover last week and I think it happens again against the Saints.

Another week is in the books and another week that we can get lucky here. Hopefully, it is a great week and the wins keep coming.



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