Paul Pierce
(Michael Dwyer/Associated Press)

Paul Pierce Could Be First Analyst To Have Strippers

Things haven’t been going great lately for Paul Pierce, or have they? As many of us know, Pierce was fired from ESPN yesterday because of a provocative Instagram live video he streamed last night which showed him essentially having a stripper-palooza at his house. Sure enough, ESPN didn’t like what they saw and canned him immediately. Luckily for Pierce, he already may have some backup options lined up. A live streaming adult webcam platform called CamSoda offered Pierce a chance to become their first-ever NBA analyst with exotic dancers in the background. This new occupation could pair perfectly with Pierce’s lifestyle that he put on full display in his live stream. Here’s the offer that CamSoda put out for the Celtics legend:

Although Pierce has not formally addressed this offer from CamSoda yet, there is no doubt that he wins even when he loses. That’s not my opinion, that’s what The Truth said himself.

What’s Next For Paul Pierce?

There has been lots of speculation about the possibility of Pierce hopping on the Barstool Sports train after being fired by ESPN. Again, these are all rumors, but it would almost be poetic if Pierce becomes one of the many former athletes to take their brand to Barstool and expand on the controversies and provocative behavior that Barstool adamantly welcomes.

Pierce was previously known for being the man of a million hot takes on shows like The Jump and Get Up, so I think Pierce may be better off finding other work anyways. He was a great player, but a below-average analyst. He joins names like former NFL Running Back Emmitt Smith and former Boston Celtic Teammate Kendrick Perkins that simply weren’t meant for Television. Pierce was meant for something bigger, something more. The Truth is the epitome of why no press is bad press in 2021 because he has more opportunity now than he ever did since he retired in 2017. Who knows, maybe we’ll see him on the Barstool crew in the near future, or continuing his steaming hot takes on live streams with strippers in the background.