Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce has officially declared himself as crazy after his glowing praise of Derrick Rose (Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Mtn Dew NBA All-Star Weekend)

Does anyone have that friend that was cool but then lost his mind? That’s how I feel about Paul Pierce. The truth was the perfect Celtic. He was a homegrown Celtic that fell in the draft and was groomed into an All-Star. Pierce was always there to hit the big shot and played real defense on the opponents best scorer. Now he’s nothing more than a clown show ever since he joined ESPN.

Pierce had his latest hot take on ESPN’s basketball show, ‘The Jump’ and it’s a spicy one. This is what he had to say about Derrick Rose:

“I thought he was solid on the Cavs. (Pierce said via ESPN) C’mon, I mean he was solid. He was giving them 10 to 12 points. He was a guy that could create his own shot. I mean he was solid. I mean Derrick Rose where he’s at right now is more than a serviceable player. To me, he’s still a starter in this league.”

I have serious questions to ask you, Mr. Pierce. Number one: do you actually watch basketball? During his tenure with the Cavs, Rose shot .439 percent and .25 percent from 3-point range. Rose averaged 9.8 points across 19.3 minutes per game. Rose found his way on the T-Wolves towards the end of the season and finished with a field goal percentage of .435 percent.

Rose isn’t just an inefficient scorer who doesn’t pass. He’s also an awful defender. Rose ranked 468th in defensive win share with a .005. Rose, 29, allowed 19.4 points in the paint last year. His defensive rating was a pathetic 112.5. Now maybe the reason for his anemic defense is because of his glass knees but the numbers don’t lie. The truth of the matter is Rose really shouldn’t even be in the NBA.

Question number two; has Paul Pierce developed a serious case of amnesia? Has Paul Pierce lost his mind? Did he show up to work drunk? Does he know that it is 2018? Do we need to start worrying about Pierce’s health? What a lunatic! Maybe The Jump is just looking for topics to make us angry.

Pierce continued his idiotic takes by asking his co-host, Amin Elhassan, whether he thought Jeff Teague was better than Derrick Rose? Pierce took his take even further by saying Derrick Rose was better than Jeff Teague! By comparison, Teague shot .446 percent and 36.8 from 3 last year. His win share was also 4.9. Rose’s win share was -0.2. How many point guards can you name that are better than Derrick Rose right now? Would the over/under be 100?

ESPN’s Morning Show ‘Get Up’ Ratings Go From Bad To Worse

This is just another example of why ESPN continues to suck. How many idiots do they have on the payroll? They are so desperate for talent that they have Stephen A. Smith working 80 hours per week and the only thing he’s good for is using different synonyms out of the thesaurus! At least he can speak. I’m not sure I can say that about everyone on the ESPN personality staff.