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Pat Freiermuth: Fantasy Football Potential In The Arthur Smith Offense?

Pat Freiermuth
What kind of fantasy football potential does Pat Freiermuth have in the Arthur Smith offense? Let’s have a chat about the Steelers tight end. (Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports)

Pat Freiermuth: Fantasy Football Potential In The Arthur Smith Offense?

Pat Freiermuth claims he’s a fan of the Arthur Smith offense. Will that ultimately lead to success in fantasy football? I have some thoughts and we know why you’re here so I’m not going to waste any more time on this intro paragraph and jump right in.

Heading into the 2024-25 NFL Season, I actually think Freiermuth is one of the smarter gambles at the tight end position that you can make. I have exactly zero prior articles advocating to take Freiermuth in fantasy before this year. We have to start here because it’s so obvious but nobody is ever smart enough to understand it.

Patience is so important at the tight end position. It’s very rare that anybody produces early in their career at this position. At the end of the day, you’re looking for the next Jake Ferguson. A guy who did nothing and then suddenly became a top ten tight end in fantasy overnight. I believe Freiermuth has a chance to become exactly that heading into this year.

I say this all the time and I hope you’re finally starting to grasp the understanding of this. When you go look at fantasy rankings, every single list you look at is wrong. It’s wrong because what you the fan needs to understand is that the 2025 fantasy rankings are the correct answer for this year. We just don’t have access to that because the games in 2024 haven’t been played yet. However, with the right brain power we can forecast our way towards coming up with the right answer.

You can’t find Freiermuth as a top ten fantasy tight end regardless of what list you’re using. ESPN, fantasy pros, NBC, etc. None of them have Freiermuth listed as a top ten player at tight end and I think it’s a mistake. I think the Steelers tight end will firmly be in the top ten this year.

A: I believe him. I believe him in the sense that I think the Arthur Smith offense will help his production. Anybody that says otherwise doesn’t really understand football. Pessimists will say that Smith didn’t help Kyle Pitts, and that’s very true. Something we covered heavily here at the site.

However, Freiermuth and Pitts are two totally different players. Smith doesn’t know how to utilize the Big F in his offense. Freiermuth is an on the line Y tight end. Smith’s offense is run-heavy while using his tight ends in the play action game. Jonnu Smith had a career high 582 yards last year while playing second fiddle to Pitts. Without a Pitts in the Steelers offense, Freiermuth should post career highs across the board too.

B: The overall situation in Pittsburgh is just better. Regardless of what you think of Smith, he’s an upgrade over Matt Canada. Regardless of what you think of Russell Wilson and Justin Fields, they’re upgrades over Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky.

C: Freiermuth was hit with the injury bug last year. It derailed his progress. Progression isn’t always linear. In his second year, Freiermuth had 732 yards. Then he was limited to 12 games last year and only notched 308. I don’t know who needs to hear this but Diontae Johnson is gone. Freiermuth is going to be the second most utilized pass catcher in this offense behind George Pickens.

Pat Freiermuth is a buy for me in fantasy football. If you need a tight end at the end of your draft, you can do way worse than throwing a dart here. There is no reason why Freiermuth can’t become the next Heath Miller in Pittsburgh. I just think Freiermuth is way more talented than Miller even was. We’re about to see it come to fruition this year.

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