Jaylen Brown
It is officially disrespectful to compare Jaylen Brown to Pascal Siakam. Brown is the significantly better basketball player. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

It Is Officially Disrespectful To Compare Jaylen Brown To Pascal Siakam

There has been a big debate around the NBA for some odd reason about which player is better. Would you rather start a franchise with Jaylen Brown or Pascal Siakam? It is officially disrespectful to even compare the two. Brown is on another level compared to Siakam.

Jaylen Brown is becoming a superstar before our eyes. Yes, the 2020-2021 NBA season is young, but Brown has gone scorched earth. Through five games, Brown is averaging 28 points on 56.3% shooting and 44% from 3-point range. Brown has turned into a grown ass man and will likely make his first All-Star appearance this season.

Look, I’m not much of a rankings guy but this is the bottom line. If Jayson Tatum is a top 20 NBA, then so is Jaylen Brown. Those two guys are the franchise. The commons misconception is that Tatum is head and shoulders better than Brown, which isn’t true. Both of whom, however, are light years better than Siakam.

Think of everything that Brown brings to the table. His shot is now pretty lethal which is a big step up from where he entered the NBA. His defense is off the charts excellent. The pure athleticism has always been an A. It’s just taken some time to develop into the monster he’s becoming.

Siakam shot 45% a year ago and is below 40% in the early stages of 2020. His jump shot is below average and defenses often dare him to take those shots. By no means is Siakam a bad player. He’s also not a number one or even number two on a real championship team. In reality what is Siakam? Are we sure he’s even better than Serge Ibaka? That’s the guy you think is better than Jaylen Brown… K.

Forget about the fact that Siakam got exposed pretty bad in the postseason. Mostly because he’s a player with flaws. If you’re not an above average shooter, it’s hard to be a dominant player if you’re name isn’t Giannis. Brown’s two way dominance makes him a fit on any team.

Furthermore, Siakam has hit his ceiling. I’m not sure I’d even want him on my team, to be honest. The Raptors big guy is what he is at this point and will turn 27 in April. The Celtics high flying wing out of Cal just turned 24 in October. Brown has another gear or two to climb and you’re seeing it this year. With a bigger role in the offense after seeing Gordon Hayward leave via free agency, Brown’s growth is exorbitant.

Let’s just end this debate before it gets more laughable. There’s not a rational human alive that would take Pascal Siakam over Jaylen Brown. Zero, none, zilch. The madness has to stop.