Isaac Okoro
(AP Photo/Michael Woods)

Isaac Okoro should be on everyone’s draft board. He is one of the most explosive players in this draft and can defend nearly every position. He my be my favorite prospect of the 2020 NBA Draft. But it feels like hardly anyone is talking about him. Does this cause Okoro to fall and someone grab him with a late lottery pick?

The Swiss Army Knife of Prospects

Okoro is the best defender in this draft. Hands down. His stock should be higher than most because of his ability to guard the 1-4 spots. If he’s playing against a team that has fully embraced the small-ball scheme, then he can guard the 5 as well. The quickness at which Okoro moves around on the defensive side is insane. He’s quick on closeouts, times jumps for blocks well, and stays relatively out of foul trouble. Who doesn’t want a guy like that?

Okoro’s defense aids in his effectiveness in transition. He is good enough with the ball to handle it up and down the court, and a good passer to find the open man. Okoro is a one-man break starter. He’ll contest a shot, get the rebound, put the ball on the court and get into transition, and will either find the open man or finish it himself. It is such a deadly combination of talents, I don’t understand how you can justify passing on him.

The offensive skill set is there for Okoro. They may not be as toned as others, but he has enough to contribute now. His jumper needs work, that I will admit. But Okoro can finish at the rim just as good or better than anyone in the draft. He drives hard at the rim, but it is controlled and with purpose. Working on his 3pt shot will go a long way. If he can hit 3s consistently, he may be the best player out of this draft.

Future Star

Isaac Okoro is a top 5 talent. There is no argument other wise. I might even go as far as to say that he is a top 3 talent. At a minimum, he will be the next Marcus Smart in this league. But Okoro has the tools to be better than Smart. The aggressiveness at which he attacks the rim and his pure athleticism, combined with his ability to guard almost anyone, make him THE desired prospect of the 2020 NBA Draft.

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Okoro will be a star in this league. He may never make an All-Star game or be All-NBA, but he will be the most sought after man in the league for his entire career. Teams later in the draft will be envious of who takes him, and teams that passed will regret that decision. Okoro will thrive in the NBA, and I can’t wait to watch.