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NOBODY Wants To Watch Rich Eisen Run A 40 Yard Dash

Rich Eisen
NOBODY wants to watch Rich Eisen run the 40 yard dash #Combine (Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)

The annual tradition of a washed up, old white guy running a 40 yard dash in a suit continues. On the final day of the combine, NFL Network host, Rich Eisen runs the 40 yard dash at the combine in Indianapolis. Let’s all be honest about something. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, wants to watch Rich Eisen run a 40 yard dash in a suit. Do you know what’s worse? NFL Network airs it for 30 minutes taking away from the on-field drills. Can we all agree that it’s time to end the Rich Eisen 40 yard dash schtick!


How is this even watchable? It’s not funny. Stare at it long enough and your eyes might bleed.

The only positive to take away from the event is the charity that goes behind it. The run Rich run program supports the St. Jude children’s hospital. That’s great. Again, I get all of that. Why can’t we keep the charity and change the face of it. Better yet, make a game of it and just have somebody else running it.

There are many problems I have with Rich Eisen. First, I hate his face. He isn’t appeasing to look at. This is coming from a straight white male. I’m not trying to be ageist, or anything. I just do not like his face.

Next, Eisen knows absolutely nothing about football. I watch every second of the combine. He provides zero insight on the players. Instead he makes jokes that nobody laughs at. One example this year came at the expense of Trevon Wesco, a tight end from West Virginia. Instead of saying anything smart about the player, Eisen made corny joke after corny joke about things on the west coast. There isn’t a person in America that found it funny. Eisen doesn’t have a change up, curveball, or splitter. He has one pitch. It’s to make corny jokes that nobody laughs at to hide the fact that he knows nothing about football.

I truly can’t stand the guy. The worst part of it all is the guy thinks he’s a somebody. He was also telling a story about how Bill Parcells was sitting with two other people at the combine and needed to know if he was important enough to go say hello. Buddy, you’re not. Eisen is a nobody. Every time I hear him at the combine, I honestly can’t believe that he has his own TV show. He is sort of like Dan Patrick. No redeeming qualities as a broadcaster and not smart or entertaining enough to be remotely watchable.

At the end of the day, we are taking footage away from kids trying to make it in the NFL. Instead, NFL Network spends 30 minutes on a 50 year old bald guy running a 40 yard dash in a suit. It’s embarrassing.

Again, I can’t stress enough that I’m all for the charity aspect, but let’s change it up. How about have Bill Belichick run for charity. How about Sean McVay? Hell, why not take a couple of the kids from the hospital and make them the face of the event. I’m sure ego maniac Rich Eisen wouldn’t be okay with that.

I need to get one more thing off my chest. Damn, do I miss Mike Mayock. Daniel Jeremiah sucks. He went numerous hour plus long stretches with zero analysis on players which means I had to listen to Rich Eisen talk about nonsense. Don’t even get me started on Charles Davis. Can we also get Kim Jones to do something different? No head coach, gm, or scout is sharing information with other teams. It’s such a joke. That whole NFL Network crew needs a shakeup in the worst way. The only positive thing they do is air the event. That’s it.

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