Nick Mullens
The Nick Mullens hype was stupid. Thank god that dumb storyline is over because Mullens isn’t in the same galaxy as Jimmy Garoppolo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Jimmy Garoppolo is an outstanding quarterback. Hopefully, after the 49ers Sunday night loss, the rest of the NFL community figures out that he’s not replaceable. The Nick Mullens hype train has finally gone off the rails after being benched in favor of CJ Beathard. A stupid hype train to begin with.

We would all acknowledge that Kyle Shanahan is a bright head coach. Jimmy Garoppolo is 20-6 as a starting quarterback with the 49ers. Without Garoppolo, Shanahan is 5-21 as a head coach, yet I’ve been told that Jimmy G is no good. K.

Somehow, an idiotic reporter had the audacity to ask if Mullens would start over Garoppolo. That happened a week ago…

Of course, we know what happened Sunday night against the Eagles, ending one of the dumber storylines. Nick Mullens can’t play and was benched after his two interceptions and 13 QBR performance.

The Mullens hype never made sense. People somehow talked themselves into an undrafted free agent from Southern Miss being a franchise quarterback. Sure, he can have moments because Shanahan is a good coach. Over time, Mullens was always going to get exposed.

Mullens has a 15-13 TD to INT ratio with a very good team and coach around him for his career. I hope the media is done with the Mullens thing. Getting benched for CJ Beathard, who can’t throw the ball more than 10 yards, is as embarrassing as it gets.

Sometimes the most valuable thing you can do is not show up to work. We see what a team looks like without you. By no means is Garoppolo perfect, but he’s a damn good quarterback. San Francisco can salvage this season, but only if number 10 is under center.