(AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

Let’s face it. No one likes wearing a mask. It’s too hot, making it hard to breathe, especially when you’re out on the field trying to yell and coach a team. The NFL has been strict about mandatory masks for players and coaches. It seems as if the NFL is more strict about it than the NBA.

The NFL has been strictly enforcing this mask wear. A report from The Athletic indicated that several Las Vegas Raiders were maskless at a charity event. Before that, the league had issued a fine to head coaches Jon Gruden (Raiders) and Sean Mcvay (Los Angeles Rams) for not wearing a mask on the sideline during a game. 

Wearing a mask is the new norm now, and some people are fed up with it. I think wearing a mask has to be difficult for coaches of any league, though. But you don’t see coaches in the NBA wearing a mask. It’s not as strict as the NFL, which I find odd because NFL games take place outdoors, whereas NBA games are inside. 

The Tennessee Titans have had positive tests in recent days. And now their game against the Steelers has reportedly been postponed. As a precaution, the Minnesota Vikings shut down practice this week, and no one was allowed into the practice facility after facing the Titans last Sunday.

The NFL is trying to avoid postponing games and having delays. But players, coaches, and staff of teams have to follow the guidelines for wearing masks. I think the NFL is trying to make sure that everyone is healthy and safe. I think they should all just put their pride aside and wear a mask so the NFL can continue and have a great season. This year has changed a lot of things—especially sports.