Matt Miller
NFL Draft analyst Matt Miller is leaving Bleacher Report. Miller is the most popular and read author at the company. (Bleacher Report)

Matt Miller, the most popular personality at Bleacher Report, was the first paid writer and most viewed columnist at BR. Miller’s time at the company is coming to an end, as he is leaving Bleacher Report within the coming weeks.

VIA Awful Announcing:

“Awful Announcing has learned that popular NFL Draft scout and insider Matt Miller will be soon leaving Bleacher Report. The decision is reported to be mutual, with Miller interested in exploring other opportunities and perhaps even his own venture. However, several sources conveyed that Miller went into contract extension talks with an open mind but quickly became disenfranchised with how those discussions trended. Things seemed to fall apart when Bleacher Report floated the idea of Miller broadening his coverage to include baseball, a sport he has not covered (and none of his 250,000 twitter followers follow him for), but a sport that Turner has broadcast rights for. Miller’s pending departure is believed to be announced in the coming days, with Miller being a free agent after the Super Bowl. It remains unclear Miller will continue writing for the site once the announcement is made. Bleacher Report confirmed the news but has yet to provide an official comment.”

Let’s be honest; none of this news is surprising. Bleacher Report is hot trash, so it’s not surprising that they would ask a strictly NFL analyst to cover baseball. BR is a dumpster fire at its core. The report from Awful Announcing also indicates the CEO is leaving, and AT&T’s merger has gone about as poorly as possible.

Miller is respected as an NFL Draft analyst. Look, he’s no Trey Daubert, but (who is?) the guy has a loyal following. He’s not on my level. Anybody who thought Mitch Trubisky had talent doesn’t know how to scout. Hey, maybe if he’s lucky, I’ll give him a job with Vendetta. I’ll have to think about it, though, cause anybody associated with Bleacher Report that resume will likely end up in the garbage.

We will see what Miller has planned next. With Miller’s contract ending after the Super Bowl, he will likely land on his feet and get right back in the swing of draft mode just in time.