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2021 NFL Coaches On The Hot Seat After Week 8

NFL Coaches

AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth, File

AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth, File

NFL Coaches That Should Be Gone After This Year

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer will be the first of NFL coaches to be let go at the end of the year. Urban’s first year in the NFL has been an absolute disaster. That may even be an understatement. Meyer is considered to be one of the best college football coaches ever. His coaching style has not translated one bit to the NFL. I can’t name one thing Meyer does well for the Jacksonville Jaguar franchise. A franchise that has gone through enough turmoil since its existence. He is really good at getting drunk and lying to the media. That is a man you want leading your franchise. Urban has no relationship with the number one overall pick Trevor Lawerence. When asked about the quarterback sneaking the young quarterback on the goalline, He said he wasn’t comfortable in those situations. Just minutes later in the postgame press conference, Lawerence would refute that statement saying he was comfortable. Finally, the video that came out with him dancing with a young lady, after a loss on Thursday night football to the Bengals. Meyer stayed back, to party, while the team flew back home without him.

Thankfully for Trevor Lawerence, Urban will be gone after this year. So Lawerence, can flourish and succeed all expectations we had for him while he was a Clemson. For Urban, He will get an opportunity at the USC job. Just to screw that up even more. For a program, that has been looking for stability at the head coaching position for years. If I am USC, Stay away!!!

Matt Nagy

The Matt Nagy experience has run its course in Chicago. After a hot start in 2018, leading Mitch Trubiskey and the Chicago Bears to the playoffs. It seemed he was the new hot NFL coach in the league having dance parties in the locker room after every win. Ever since the offense and defense have been horrific. He is an offensive-minded coach with a team that always has trouble moving the football. Yes, you can blame Mitch Trubiskey for those troubles if you want. Even though I believe Mitch is not all that bad. He still led the Bears to two playoff appearances in his four seasons. He would make some head-scratching throws and miss throws more than you would like. I would not put all the blame on Mitch. He is more than capable to start in this league. Fast forward to 2021, all pre-season Nagy said Andy Dalton is the clear number one starter. Why?? I have no idea. At least have a quarterback battle in camp. Since Dalton went down with an injury but later said he would remain the starter when he would return. Nope, he is sticking with Fields. Putting the young quarterback in bad positions by dumb play-calling and not using him to his skill-set. Hoping that he can deflect blame onto Justin Fields to save his job. I expect him to be out of Chicago after this year.

Vic Fangio

Defensive guru Vic Fangio got the Broncos off to a hot 3-0 start to the season. Beating some pretty crumby teams in the Giants, Jaguars, and the Jets. He is a great defensive mind in the NFL but is not an NFL coach. The Broncos have more than a capable team to win some games against some good opponents rather than just beating up on the little guys. The Denver Broncos have offensive firepower on the offensive side of the ball with a veteran quarterback. The defense just got weaker by trading future hall of fame Von Miller. There is just something missing why they cannot do more with what they have. The good news for Fangio, he won’t have a hard time finding another job as a defensive coordinator in the NFL. The Denver Broncos have not found stability at the two most important positions. The head coach and the quarterback since John Fox and Peyton Manning. Even before that in 1998, with John Elway and Mike Shanahan. John Elway is still there as president of operations. Think it is easier to say he was a better quarterback than a team builder.

Honorable Mentions NFL Coaches On Hot Seat

Mike Zimmer

Mike Zimmer is one of the best defensive coaches in the NFL. He is not one of the best NFL head coaches. I could see Zimmer being fired after this year with the Vikings. The team is loaded on the offensive side of the ball with Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, and Adam Thielen. Granted their quarterback is Kirk Cousins who can look all-world one week and then the next looks as he has never picked up a football in his life. After eight years, with the team, his time might be up. With struggles on the defensive and offensive side of the ball.

Brian Flores

Miami Dolphins have taken an absolute plunge this year coming off a 10 win season a year ago. The defense cannot stop anyone and offensive is just flat out hard to watch. Brian Flores is a good coach in this league, learning his methods from Bill Belichick. Unfortunately, for Flores, the NFL is about what are you doing for me now. I can see the Dolphins keeping him another year but also firing him starting fresh. An addition of Deshaun Watson could totally turn around the Miami Dolphin Franchise. If he takes care of all of the legal trouble that is surrounding him off the field.

Dan Campbell

Poor, poor Dan Campbell gets stuck in Detroit for his first NFL Head coach gig. The Lions are just bad. Looking like they will be the first team ever to go 0-17. The only really talented player on their roster is D’Andre Swift. The Lions have stayed competitive in a lot of their games this year. Looking like they were going to win a few. I like Dan Campbell, he cares, he cares a lot about this team. We saw him cry postgame after a loss. I hope he gets another year with the Lions. What can really change though with the lack of talent on the roster and Jared Goff at quarterback? The Lions just seem lost and unprepared for games. Maybe Dan Campbell is better suited to be the strength and conditioning coach.



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