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NFL Big Board
Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud (7) passes against Minnesota in the first quarter of an NCAA college football game Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn)

NFL Big Board 2023 NFL Draft: Chickster’s Picksters, Right After 2022 NFL Draft

NFL Big Board
Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud (7) passes against Minnesota in the first quarter of an NCAA college football game Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn)

NFL Big Board 2023 NFL Draft: Chickster’s Picksters, Right After 2022 NFL Draft

Welcome to the first-ever NFL Big Board by yours truly: The Chickster. As I’m writing this, this is an extremely rough draft. This will continually be updated periodically, before the season, then in an interval of about a month, Bowl season, after the season, combine, etc. So if you don’t like what you’re reading at any point, understand that it might change on performances and such. At the start, there’s not many names per position, or on the NFL Big Board itself. As I see more and more, I will be able to add more and more. Also, each paragraph after the position rankings will have reasoning for moving up, or down, or names added and such. This should be a lot of work but a lot of fun at the same time. Let’s get it.

NFL Big Board 2023 NFL Draft: Chickster’s Picksters

QB Rankings

  1. Bryce Young, Alabama (QB1)
  2. C.J. Stroud, Ohio State (QB2)
  3. J.T. Daniels, West Virginia (QB3)
  4. DJ Uiagalelei, Clemson (QB4)
  5. Spencer Rattler, South Carolina (QB5)
  6. Stetson Bennett IV, Georgia (QB6)
  7. Grayson McCall, Coastal Carolina (QB7)
  8. Bo Nix, Oregon (QB8)
  9. Jake Haener, Fresno State (QB9)
  10. Hendon Hooker, Tennessee (QB10)

Right After The 2022 NFL Draft

After such a lackluster 2022 QB draft class, this surely makes up for it. Bryce Young and CJ Stroud will fight for QB1 the entire year. There is a drop after them but it’s not by much. If teams are QB needy, this is the draft for them. There could be 5 1st round QBs that could very good, but I would say most of the top 10 gets drafted in the first 3 rounds.

RB Rankings

  1. Tank Bigsby, Auburn (RB1)
  2. Bijan Robinson, Texas (RB2)
  3. Jahmyr Gibbs, Alabama (RB3)
  4. Zach Charbonnet, UCLA (RB4)
  5. Eric Gray, Oklahoma (RB5)
  6. Zach Evans, Mississippi (RB6)
  7. Kendall Milton, Georgia (RB7)
  8. Chris Tyree, Notre Dame (RB8)
  9. Devon Archane, Texas A&M (RB9)
  10. Jalen Berger, Michigan State (RB10)

Right After The 2022 NFL Draft

This class is slightly better than the 2022 RB draft class. A lot of talent on the board but I think NFL teams have figured out that you don’t need to draft a RB first round to be successful. Tank Bigsby might sneak into the 1st round though.

WR Rankings

  1. Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State (WR1)
  2. Marvin Mims, Oklahoma (WR2)
  3. Kayshon Boutte, LSU (WR3)
  4. Quentin Johnson, TCU (WR4)
  5. Jermaine Burton, Alabama (WR5)
  6. Jordan Addison, Pittsburgh (WR6)
  7. Parker Washington, Penn State (WR7)
  8. Josh Downs, North Carolina (WR8)
  9. Rakim Jarrett, Maryland (WR9)
  10. A.T. Perry, Wake Forest (WR10)

Right After The 2022 NFL Draft

This WR class is nowhere near the one in 2022. No one in this class should come close to Jaxon Smith-Njigba in this class. Smith-Njigba will be the WR1 this year in college football and the first WR off the board in the draft as well.

TE Rankings

  1. Michael Mayer, Notre Dame (TE1)
  2. Cameron Latu, Alabama (TE2)
  3. Jaheim Bell, South Carolina (TE3)
  4. Theo Johnson, Penn State (TE4)
  5. Darnell Washington, Georgia (TE5)
  6. Gee Scott Jr., Ohio State (TE6)
  7. Jahleel Billingsley, Texas (TE7)
  8. Josh Whyle, Cincinnati (TE8)
  9. Sam LaPorta, Iowa (TE9)
  10. Austin Stogner, South Carolina (TE10)

Right After The 2022 NFL Draft

The NFL has become a passing league and the more you can catch, the better you are. If you can catch AND block, you’re great. A lot of these guys can catch because that’s what the league calls for now. I would say the Top 5 of the TEs will fight for TE1, no TEs should be selected earlier than the 3rd round though.

IOL Rankings

  1. Andrew Raym, Oklahoma (C1) (IOL1)
  2. Jarrett Patterson, Notre Dame (C2) (IOL2)
  3. Alex Forsyth, Oregon (C3) (IOL3)
  4. Maurice Smith, Florida State (C4) (IOL4)
  5. Javion Cohen, Alabama (G1) (IOL5)
  6. Willie Lampkin, Coastal Carolina (G2) (IOL6)
  7. Luke Wypler, Ohio State (C5) (IOL7)
  8. Aki Ogunbiyi, Texas A&M (G3) (IOL8)
  9. Emil Ekiyor Jr., Alabama (G4) (IOL9)
  10. Darrian Dalcourt, Alabama (C6) (IOL10)

Right After The 2022 NFL Draft

Not a bad class for IOL. Centers are more prevalent in this class than Guards, but there could be solid guard depth to be found. There will be plenty of Centers though. A notable name is Jarrett Patterson that could have been drafted in 2022.

OT Rankings

  1. Robert Scott Jr., Florida State (OT1)
  2. Paris Johnson Jr., Ohio State (OT2)
  3. Peter Skoronski, Northwestern (OT3)
  4. Zion Nelson, Miami (OT4)
  5. Nick Broeker, Mississippi (OT5)
  6. Anton Harrison, Oklahoma (OT6)
  7. Walker Parks, Clemson (OT7)
  8. Jaxson Kirkland, Washington (OT8)
  9. Andrew Gentry, Virginia (OT9)
  10. Carter Warren, Pittsburgh (OT10)

Right After The 2022 NFL Draft

Not as good of a class as 2022 OT draft class, but the top 3 are to keep an eye on. Those 3 could fight for OT1, I’m not sure how the rest of the list will fare compared to them.

EDGE Rankings

  1. Will Anderson Jr., Alabama (EDGE1)
  2. Myles Murphy, Clemson (EDGE2)
  3. Nolan Smith, Georgia (EDGE3)
  4. BJ Ojulari, LSU (EDGE4)
  5. Isaiah Foskey, Notre Dame (EDGE5)
  6. Brenton Cox Jr., Florida (EDGE6)
  7. Zach Harrison, Ohio State (EDGE7)
  8. Habakkuk Baldonado, Pittsburgh (EDGE8)
  9. Will McDonald, Iowa State (EDGE9)
  10. Tyler Batty, BYU (EDGE10)

Right After The 2022 NFL Draft

The EDGE class is on par with 2022. The top 4 are dangerous, they could all 1st rounders. Will Anderson Jr. should be EDGE1 by a longshot though, that guy is a freak.

DL Rankings

  1. Jalen Carter, Georgia (DL1)
  2. Bryan Bresee, Clemson (DL2)
  3. Gervon Dexter, Florida (DL3)
  4. Jaquelin Roy, LSU (DL4)
  5. Zacch Pickens, South Carolina (DL5)
  6. Chidozie Nwankwo, Houston (DL6)
  7. Justin Rogers, Kentucky (DL7)
  8. Tyler Davis, Clemson (DL8)
  9. Justin Eboigbe, Alabama (DL9)
  10. Lukas Van Ness, Iowa (DL10)

Right After The 2022 NFL Draft

Without them Georgia boys in 2022, that class isn’t nearly as good, I would say that after the Georgia boys from 2022, the talent was not as good as this 2023 class. None of these guys are as good as Devonte Wyatt, Jordan Davis, or Travon Walker, but after those guys, I think these guys are better than 2022 DL class.

LB Rankings

  1. Henry To’o To’o, Alabama (LB1)
  2. Noah Sewell, Oregon (LB2)
  3. DeMarvion Overshown, Texas (LB3)
  4. Trenton Simpson, Clemson (LB4)
  5. Stephen Dix, Florida State (LB5)
  6. Tyler Grubbs, Louisana Tech (LB6)
  7. Owen Pappoe, Auburn (LB7)
  8. Ventrell Miller, Florida (LB8)
  9. Stefon Thompson, Syracuse (LB9)
  10. Richard Jibunor, Troy (LB10)

Right After The 2022 NFL Draft

I see some similarities between 2022 LB class and 2023 for this NFL Big Board. The top 2 guys in 2022 class in Devin Lloyd and Nakobe Dean were a tier about the rest. The top 3 in this class are a tier above the rest. The rest of the class will have a lot to prove to be notable as the top 3. Henry To’o To’o could have been drafted in 2022 too.

CB Rankings

  1. Eli Ricks, Alabama (CB1)
  2. Jaylon Jones, Texas A&M (CB2)
  3. Tony Grimes, North Carolina (CB3)
  4. Avery Young, Rutgers (CB4)
  5. Joey Porter Jr., Penn State (CB5)
  6. Emmanuel Forbes, Mississippi State (CB6)
  7. Kelee Ringo, Georgia (CB7)
  8. Kyu Blu Kelly, Stanford (CB8)
  9. DJ Graham, Oklahoma (CB9)
  10. Riley Moss, Iowa (CB10)

Right After The 2022 NFL Draft

This CB class is nowhere near last year’s. Much like the WR draft class, there is talent here, but it’s not as much as 2022’s draft class. Eli Ricks, Jaylon Jones, and Tony Grimes leads this class, but the rest could leave much to be desired.

S Rankings

  1. Jordan Battle, Alabama (S1)
  2. Brandon Joseph, Notre Dame (S2)
  3. Jalen Catalon, Arkansas (S3)
  4. Lathan Ransom, Ohio State (S4)
  5. Malachi Moore, Alabama (S5)
  6. Akeem Dent, Florida (S6)
  7. Jordan Toles, LSU (S7)
  8. Nick Anderson, Wake Forest (S8)
  9. Christian Morgan, Baylor (S9)
  10. Lannden Zanders, Clemson (S10)

Right After The 2022 NFL Draft

Jordan Battle was probably the 3rd best safety in College Football last year and could have been drafted in 2022. Now he leads the Safety list and is prime to be a 1st round draft pick as an early 2023 prediction.

NFL Big Board 2023

  1. Bryce Young (QB1)
  2. CJ Stroud (QB2)
  3. Will Anderson Jr., Alabama (EDGE1)
  4. Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State (WR1)
  5. Myles Murphy, Clemson (EDGE2)
  6. Nolan Smith, Georgia (EDGE3)
  7. Henry To’o To’o, Alabama (LB1)
  8. Noah Sewell, Oregon (LB2)
  9. Jalen Carter, Georgia (DL1)
  10. Bryan Bresee, Clemson (DL2)
  11. Tank Bigsby, Auburn (RB1)
  12. Andrew Raym, Oklahoma (C1) (IOL1)
  13. Robert Scott Jr., Florida State (OT1)
  14. Paris Johnson Jr., Ohio State (OT2)
  15. Jarrett Patterson, Notre Dame (C2) (IOL2)
  16. Bijan Robinson, Texas (RB2)
  17. Jahmyr Gibbs, Alabama (RB3)
  18. Jordan Battle, Alabama (S1)
  19. Eli Ricks, Alabama (CB1),
  20. BJ Ojulari, LSU (EDGE4)
  21. Marvin Mims, Oklahoma (WR2)
  22. J.T. Daniels, West Virginia (QB3)
  23. DJ Uiagalelei, Clemson (QB4)
  24. DeMarvion Overshown, Texas (LB3)
  25. Peter Skoronski, Northwestern (OT3)



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