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New Gears of War Titles Hinted at in ‘Leaked’ Image

Gears Of War
The Coalition | Gears of War 5

New Gears of War Titles Hinted at in ‘Leaked’ Image

Rumors abound regarding the future of the popular third-person shooter franchise Gears of War. The franchise, which has seen a revitalization under the current development team The Coalition, has garnered a lot of attention regarding the possibility of a sixth game. If a supposedly leaked image from January 22 is to be believed, fans will be getting more than just a sixth title.

The Leak

On episode 144 of the XboxEra Podcast, an image revealed not only that a Gears of War 6 might be happening. The longstanding talk about a Master Chief Collection style compellation of the Gears franchise might just be more than talk.

Image at 1:57:42

While it’s been known that The Coalition was working on another Gears of War game. The specifics have remained shrouded in mystery. And the talk about an “ultimate collection” even more so. However, the validity of the image is still in question. Nick Baker of XboxEra claims that neither he nor the person who sent it to him, are certain that said image is real.

Baker also claims that he wasn’t allowed to show the whole image, however. They are further fueling rumors regarding the leak.

The Future

While the validity of said image is still in question. The possibility of it being legitimate raises a whole bunch of questions and concepts. Fans have been looking forward to remasters of Gears of War for years now. With the recent leak that interest is only growing.

Whether these rumors and supposed leaks are real or not, only time will tell. However, if true, the possibility of both a new game in the franchise as well as a remaster of the old ones will undoubtedly bring in both new and old players.




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