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I feel bad for all the Brooklyn Nets fans out there. That includes Vendetta’s own, Andrew Zucker (check out his articles here). With the Nets currently sitting at 7th in the Eastern Conference, they don’t have the spot locked up and they could still miss the playoffs. The question becomes: should Brooklyn try to stay in the playoffs or should they tank it?

Let’s look at the choices here. First, there is only one team that can take their spot in the playoffs: the Wizards. The problem is that the Wizards won’t have their two best players in John Wall and Bradley Beal. Outside of them, the amount of talent for the Wizards is scarce. It also doesn’t help that the Nets are 6 games ahead of the Wizards. It would take virtually Brooklyn to throw every game and the Wizards win most of their games without their two best players. Oof.

Brooklyn Nets Roster

Well, the Nets will be without Kyrie and Kevin Durant due to injuries. As well as Spencer Dinwiddie, DeAndre Jordan, Taurean Prince, and Wilson Chandler all opting out of the Orlando Bubble. The Nets barely have any of their original players going to Orlando. Their best players going are Caris LeVert, Joe Harris, and Jarrett Allen. Jamal Crawford was recently signed. Michael Beasley was also signed before testing positive COVID-19. That’s the squad Brooklyn will mostly rely on. Even though it’s a…rough squad, it’s still better than the Wizards.

So, what does Brooklyn do? Try their best? Tank? It doesn’t matter. The Nets are screwed this season anyway. Not good enough to make any difference in the playoffs, not bad enough to miss the playoffs to get a better draft pick. It’s just unfortunate for Brooklyn. Well, the only thing Brooklyn and its fans can do is just enjoy Nets basketball as much as they can. They should have a great shot at winning the Finals next year anyway.