NCAA Sweet Sixteen
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NCAA Sweet Sixteen 2021: Chick’s Picks, Second Chance?

By the time you are reading this, the NCAA Sweet Sixteen is set. The round of 64 and the round of 32 were…interesting. At this point, I should be deeply ashamed of my bracket (I am) because it was shredded and probably the worst thing I have ever made. Please look at it and laugh at my pain. But, about 95% of you feel that way too. So we can suffer together. Now, I will attempt (KEYWORD IS ATTEMPT) to make picks from the NCAA Sweet Sixteen and on. When I make my picks, you can either use them for your picks or pick against them. Picking against them might actually work for you at this point because it’s becoming obvious that I don’t know shit about college basketball anyway.


Oregon State vs. Loyola-Chicago

Prediction: Loyola-Chicago. As a Catholic man myself, I am deeply ashamed and will attend reconciliation for doubting Loyola-Chicago (a Catholic school) and Sister Jean. Loyola-Chicago is dangerous and they’ll beat Oregon State easily (even though they have surprised me too).

Syracuse vs Houston

Prediction: Syracuse. The Orange do this shit every year and it’s my fault for doubting them. They get a double-digit seed and then go to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen. I only blame myself. Houston beat Cleveland State and a bad Rutgers team, I’m not picking them against a hot Syracuse right now, who beat San Diego State and WVU. Rooting for your team Liz!

Villanova vs Baylor

Prediction: Baylor. My pick to win the whole enchilada is still alive (Surprisingly). I had Nova losing in the first round, they’re still alive here, but not for long.

Oral Roberts vs Arkansas

Prediction: Arkansas. FIRST OF ALL, fuck Ohio State. How are you going to lose in the first round to a team called Blowjob Bob? Good God, get ahold of yourself and beat a 15 seed. Still, good on Oral Roberts to get this far, I think their streak ends here against Arkansas though.

Michigan vs FSU

Prediction: FSU: I had Michigan losing to LSU in the Round of 32. They’ve played well, even without Livers. FSU looks good and beat a tough Colorado team. I’m going to roll with them here.

UCLA vs Alabama

Prediction: Alabama. UCLA may think they are hot shit after beating Michigan State, BYU, and now Abilene Christian. What an easy run of games before they face a juggernaut in Bama. Bama wins this easily.

Gonzaga vs Creighton

Prediction: Gonzaga. After an utter shocking loss in their conference final, I thought Creighton were frauds and should be upsetted within the first two rounds somewhere. They’re still alive, but it never mattered, Gonzaga should run through them.

USC vs Oregon

Prediction: Oregon. Oregon has had the luxury of having 10 days off after VCU couldn’t play their game, and they kicked Iowa’s ass with no signs of rust at all. Oregon is hot and dangerous and not to be messed with right now.

Elite Eight

Loyola-Chicago vs Syracuse

Prediction: Loyola-Chicago. I have to stick with Sister Jean here. The Cuse always surprise but everyone loves Loyola-Chicago and Sister Jean, how can you not pick them to the Final Four?

Baylor vs Arkansas

Prediction: Baylor. I have to stick with my Natty pick in Baylor. It might be one of the few things I get right in this bracket. I can’t go back on it now.

FSU vs Alabama

Prediction: Alabama. I don’t know about you, but Alabama looks damn good right now. I had them in the final four in my original bracket, no way I back down now.

Gonzaga vs Oregon

Prediction: Gonzaga. Even though Oregon is hot right now, Gonzaga is just the better team. They should be the pick to make the final at least.

Final Four

Baylor vs Loyola-Chicago

Prediction: Baylor. I’m torn here. I’m all for a good story, but I have to pick who I think will win. Will I think Baylor will win? Yes. Am I rooting for Loyola-Chicago? Also yes.

Gonzaga vs Alabama

Prediction: Gonzaga. I have to stick with my National Championship matchup, it might be the only thing I get right about this year’s bracket but dammit if that is the only thing I get right, I can at least live to see next year’s bracket. If not, I’ll still be here but I will cry filling out my wrong bracket again. Alabama is a sleeper though, don’t count them out.

National Championship

Gonzaga vs Baylor

Prediction: Baylor. I still predicted this matchup, and I have to stay with my pick with Baylor. Gonzaga plays in a cupcake conference which always makes me weary of them. They’re super good but the Big 12 has been competitive, which makes me think Baylor is a better team.

There we have it. I am staying with my pick of Baylor over Gonzaga in the National Championship. Somehow, I haven’t messed that pick up yet. Hopefully, just to redeem myself and so I don’t cry myself to sleep, that I get at least my national championship right. Please pray for my bracket, it needs to have God’s strength to have a shot of being right.