NBA Centers Ranked
Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press

We’re finally down to our last positional rankings before the NBA season. We’ve done Point Guards, Shooting Guards, Small Forwards, and Power Forwards. Please check those out and see how those lists turned out. This one is our NBA Centers Ranked list though. This one was INCREDIBLY toxic. I didn’t agree with too many lists or rankings in this one. However, the list itself isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen, but it definitely could be better. Those that participated are Without further ado, let’s get to our last positional rankings. NBA Centers ranked list results starts now!

#10 Andre Drummond

Average Ranking: 11.8

I personally don’t mind Drummond. Despite not having much offensive game, he still puts up 20 PPG and has been a frequent 20 rebounds a game guy. He’s still fairly young, but I feel as if he has reached his peak already. The lack of offensive game will probably prohibit him from moving up anymore on this list, but he is for sure a top 10 Center in this league.

#9 Deandre Ayton

Average Ranking: 10

Deandre Ayton being at 9 and still being so young only speaks to his potential and how good he can actually be. He actually tied with the next person on this list but he had lower numbers in ranks individually. Still, there’s no way that this is Ayton’s peak, he could very well be close to the top 5 next year.

#8 Jursuf Nurkic

Average Ranking: 10

Jursuf Nurkic got the nod over Ayton because Nurkic had higher ranks than Ayton. That includes a #5 rank by Trey and #6 rank by Jackson. Nurkic at 8 is a great spot and for his contract to be 13 million a year, that’s a steal for the Blazers. Nurkic is now the undisputed lead center in Portland and should have a great year this year.

#7 Rudy Gobert

Average Ranking: 8.8

Despite Gobert having the same average as the next person on this list, I ranked him lower. His ranks individually were lower than the next guy on the this list. Still, 7 isn’t bad for Govert and feels right. If you’re under the delusion that Gobert is a top 5 Center, please watch more basketball or just move out of Utah please. 7 is fine, but no way should he be higher.

#6 Nikola Vucevic

Average Ranking: 8.8

Vucevic ranks just out of the top 6 in our Centers ranking. Even though that 8.8 ranking is a little off. It’s mostly because Dacota didn’t have him ranked surprisingly. Without the ranking of 21 from being unranked he would have been higher than the next person’s ranking on this list. 6 is the correct spot for him though. He’s not a top 5 center, no one should complain about 6th though.

#5 Karl-Anthony Towns

Average Ranking: 6.6

This is where the fun begins on our NBA Centers ranked list. First of all, 4 of us had KAT at 3. While Jackson had him at 7, and Trey refused to rank him at all. Trey didn’t care, his reasoning for his KAT ranking?

“Fire Karl-Anthony Towns into the sun. Whatever the antonym is for eye of the tiger is, that’s how you show describe Towns. Can’t win with him in any way, shape, or form. He’s got the heart of a sloth. Addition by subtraction, Jimmy butler has always been right about him.”

“Actually, just call him Karl Towns, he’s not good enough to go by 3 names.” -Trey Daubert

This is a valid take for KAT, I’ve never seen him as a winner. He’s soft and doesn’t want to win. 21 is a harsh ranking, not one that I agree with, but I understand the reason why Trey did.

#4 Bam Adebayo

Average Ranking: 5

Although the consensus was 5, Bam ranks at 4 because of KAT lower rankings. Bam really took a huge step forward last season and in the playoffs. I don’t think he jumps into the top 3 for at least a while, but top 5 surely has a spot for him.

#3 Kristaps Porzingis

Average Ranking: 4.1

Here we go in the top 3. Trey single-handedly got Porzingis into the top 3 with is #1 ranking of his. Yes, you’ve read that right, Trey voted Porzingis as the top Center in the league. Take that up with him, not me. Other than Trey. we all had Kristaps at 4, while Dacota had him at 7.

#2 Joel Embiid

Average Ranking: 2.6

The 2.6 average might be a little concerning, but trust me, 5 of the 6 people that voted had Embiid at 2. Trey was ballsy enough to put him at 4. Trey’s rankings were OUT THERE, but we love him so I guess we just let it slide. He was ready for the flak he was going to get.

#1 Nikola Jokic

Average Ranking: 1.1

I’ve been saying it for about 2 years now that Nikola Jokic is the best center in the NBA. We’ve finally gotten to the point where this is mostly accepted. If not for Trey’s toxic ranking of Kristaps Porzingis at #1, which put Jokic at 2, everyone would have had Jokic at 1, where he rightfully stands.