Monday Night Raw Review
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Monday Night Raw review edition one. This show overall was about a 3.5/5 solid but not great but it had some memorable moments.

The Miz and Morrison Promo Miz TV

Announces 6 man tag team match w RKO against Drew and new day and teases cash in. self-promo Miz and misses. RKO comes out and lectures MIZ. New day interrupts calling out for being weaker than them since they are champions. RKO Then brawl. Drew comes out gets on top. Helps RKO get advantage Rkos drew to end segment. 3.5/5. Miz keeps teasing the cash in which we all know he will lose.

Undertaker to have final Farewell at survivor series

Fight For 5th Spot On Team Raw

Elias plays guitar and promotes himself he needs this. Starts to play and isn’t being interrupted until Jeff hardy waits just to annoy Elias. Starts by teaming on hardy. 3 roll-ups by all three. Elias gains momentum runs through hardy and Riddle. Hardy regained control after reversal then Elias reversed the twist of fate into a pin. Riddle breaks up the pin. Riddle counters twist of fate back and forth punched and kicks. Elias breaks up the twist of fate and Riddle hits Bro Derric for the pin. Riddle is the final member of the Survivor Series team 3/5. Hardy Elias feud has nothing to it and Riddle was just thrown in so he could get the spot on Team Raw solid match though.

Styles Interview 

Aj styles interviewed Sheamus comes in and calls Riddle a punk. AJ styles will make a team meeting and Sheamus and Stroman say AJ isn’t their captain.

Mustafa Ali retribution promo

Applauds ricochet for not joining hurt business. Says once he gets he can’t change alone so he will need to face the punishment as he will be taken down. 2/5 

Gulak Offers His Services

Drew Gulak offers his services to hurt business wants to join. MVP Rejects offer. As Bobby pulls Gulak’s clip-on tie off. They all stomp him leaving Gulak alone to be pinned by R Truth to regain his 24:7 champion for the 43rd time. 2.5/5

Lana Vs Shayna Bayzler 

After going through the announcer table 7 times from Nia Jax she’s ready to stand up for herself against the other half of the raw women’s tag teams. Starts off with Lana trying to take advantage but Shayna shakes her off. Shayna bruises up Lana. Stomps on her elbow. Lana taps quickly. Bayzler feeds Lana to Jax but Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke defend her for the team. 1/5

Team Raw Is Very Disfunctional

“Raw will win survivor series with me as phenomenal captain” introduces The rest of team Raw. Starts off with they had a missing piece last week but Matt Riddle is that piece. Keith Lee calls AJ out for trying to cheap shot him. Sheamus goes back at Keith calling him a hypocrite. Braun calls out both saying he could beat both of them. Riddle says they need nicknames. AJ tells everyone that’s Smackdowns being professional and if they don’t work together they’ll all bow down and lose to Smackdown. Styles talked with Adam Pierce and has Sheamus and Stroman vs Keith Lee and Riddle with himself as guest ref. 

Sheamus And Stroman vs Keith Lee And Riddle With Styles As Guest Ref

Sheamus and Lee in collar locks until Sheamus gets thrown into ropes and Lee takes control. Riddle tags in and gets a few good hits on Sheamus. Sheamus takes control of Riddle until a ropes reversal followed by chops. Then Sheamus reverses and stomps Riddle. Sheamus gets in AJs face Riddle takes charge with a gut wrench suplex. AJ gets hit two twice. Lee comes in and takes out Sheamus Braun comes in and they squash AJ. Sheamus Irish curse backbreaker tags in Stroman who goes for the pin but Riddle kicks out. Lee takes it to both Sheamus and Stroman and then uses Riddle for the spirit bomb. Sheamus hits brogue kick, Riddle comes in and rolls up but kick out. Stroman tags himself in pissing off Sheamus who tags himself back in and Brogue kicks Braun off the side of the ring then rolled up by Riddle for win 4.5/5 

Alexa Bliss talks with Nicki

They talk about the firefly funhouse. Nicki says she’s not playing and she apologizes for what’s happening but Alexa is cheerful and happy about it. Nicki tries to convince Alexa the Fiend is evil and gives an ultimatum Fiend or Nicki and blows rose petals in her face choosing the Fiend. 2/5. I’m excited about the Nicki/Bliss feud but right now it looks terrible.

Hurt Business Promo

THE HURT BUSINESS VS THE STREET PROFITS NEXT MONDAY FOR THE TAG TEAMS NECT MONDAY. Claims Bobby Lashley will destroy Sami Zayn. Bobby says it’s his decision whether Sami Zayn makes it out of Survivor Series or not. Titus O’Neil comes out and Challenges Lashley for a US title shot. Lashley claims it’ll be his first and last title shot. 3/5. Titus proves he is strong on the Microphone and wanted his spot in the Hurt Business.

Bobby Vs Titus 

Titus heavy swings at Lashley and backs in into multiple corners. Bobby reverses and gets behind Bobby. Bobby gets Titus to tap to the hurt lock 2/5. The build for Lashley is good but a squash match doesn’t show he can hang with the top dogs.

Sheamus and Drew Mccintyre talk 

Sheamus wishes they could team up again drinking kegs and kicking heads. Longtime friends could possibly team-up.

Asuka vs Nia Jax

Nia calls out the entire women’s division saying she’s the top dog. Uses her size to get dominance but Asuka gets into Asukapus hold then transitions to an armbar. Nias throws Asuka into the barrier. Jax powers out of guillotine move to cover but a kick out save Asuka. Jax powerbombs into cover. Asuka intervenes in saving Lana. Jax gets put in Asuka lock Bayzler breaks it out Asuka wins by DQ. Bayzler and Jax throw out their own team. Lana gets thrown to Jax who puts Lana through the table for the 8th time. 3.5/5. I enjoy watching feuds but Survivor Series show vs show they need to work it out before Lana is beaten into a pulp.

24/7 Title Crap

R Truth didn’t realize he was fighting. Truth walks down to ring confused. All 6 others swarm truth. AKIRA TOZOWA WINS THEN ERIK WINS THE DREW GULAK WINS THEN TUCKER WINS THEN GRAND METLIEK WINS THEN LINSA DORADO WINS THEN R TRUTH WINS IT BACK AND ESCAPES WITH 24/7 championship for the 44th time 1.5/5  All of that for the same championship make the 24/7 segments more entertaining creative, please!!

Mustafa Ali vs Ricochet

Ricochet refuses to join Ali. After Ricochet maintains control at the start of the match then goes face-first into the turnbuckle. ALI Hits suplex the ricochet kicks out of the pin. Ricochet hits a huge back body drop to gain momentum. Ricochet sends Ali to the floor. Neck breaker by Ali but couldn’t put it away. Then Ricochet doesn’t quit and hits a massive clothesline then gets reversed who jumps from rope and gets reversed into brainbuster but Ali kicked out. Next Ali hits a backbreaker from the top rope but ricochet kicks out. Ricochet hits a nice jump on the rest of retribution then misses Phoenix splash and Ali locks in Koji Clutch for the Win. 4.5/5 Although WWE is ruining Ricochet they are finally giving Ali and Retribution a win and could start building them back up.

Main Event RKO and Miz and Morison vs Drew Mcintyre and the New Day

After Randy gets the news he will defend his WWE title vs Drew Mcintyre the match starts. Mcintyre clocks Morison and makes him look like a child. Then Woods hits a nice chop then a shoulder tackle knocks him down. Miz comes in and Kofi flies for the cover but kicks out. Morrison comes back in and gets destroyed again. RKO refuses to get involved. drew Mcintyre hits a double suplex to regain momentum and hits a future shock DDT. Orton decides not to tag in and walks up the ramp. Drew Mcintyre hits Glasgow Kiss then a Claymore kick for the win 4/5. An amazing match I loved the storytelling and they are building the hype to next week’s main event.

Monday Night Raw Review

Overall this show overall was about a 3.5/5 solid but not great but it had some memorable moments. The best by far was either the men’s Raw team or Ali beating Ricochet.

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