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Is Modus Games Smart Enough To Do A Deal With Vendetta Sports Media?

Modus Games
Is Modus Games smart enough to do a deal with Vendetta Sports Media? Do they realize Max Football will fail without our help? (Modus Games)

Is Modus Games Smart Enough To Do A Deal With Vendetta Sports Media?

My thoughts are valid because I am smart. Never forget it. I don’t know what I have to do to properly earn my respect but being angry is the only thing that ever works so I guess I’ll have to choose the path of darkness once again. Will Modus games prove to be smart enough to do a deal with Vendetta Sports Media? That’s a question that should be on everyone’s mind.

If you’re a bit confused so far, that’s okay, just take a walk with me. When EA Sports announced they were bringing back NCAA Football, that was the day the Canuck Play version of Max Football featuring Doug Flutie died.

It didn’t have to be that way, of course. Max Football was a great game with serious potential. They just needed help. What people don’t realize is I offered Canuck play a free lifeboat and they decided to drown instead.

The Vendetta University series is the most popular series Max Football has on the internet. It’s just a fact. I can’t imagine the content we could actually produce with real resources but that’s a story for another day.

To try to take advantage of that momentum, I sent Max Football an email offering to help their product for free. In-game broadcasting, studio analysts, articles, videos, you name it, I would have done it free of charge. They sat there and ignored it. They would rather die than do business with us. Guess what happened? They died as predicted.

If we’re going to be totally honest, they needed us more than we needed them. The same is true for the new buyers of the game (Modus Games). What these game developers don’t realize is this product will continue to fail unless they add real personality to the product. It’s the only way to compete with EA Sports since they own the licensing to the actual college football teams.

You’re not buying Max Football over the EA Sports game unless there is serious flavor with the Max Football edition. Even then, you’re still not really competing. Full customization and revamped gameplay doesn’t get anybody out of bed. Your game has to be so good that people buy both and realize the Max Football edition has better features. It’s your only chance.

Given the way our brand functions, we’re the only one that can provide what Max Football needs to survive. If you’re not adding high level broadcasting and interesting cut scenes to the game, nobody will give a single flying fuck about the new version of the game. The backing of a rising sports media company is something that can push this new iteration of the game over the top.

I didn’t want to choose the path of darkness but once again, I have no choice. I sent Modus Games an email offering my help. Once again, I was ignored. I can accept no for an answer, but I don’t like being ignored. Now I’m angry.

Apparently Modus Games didn’t learn the valuable lessons from the last idiots that failed. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Swallow your pride and accept the help. It won’t even cost you an arm and a leg. I guarantee this game won’t fail with my backing. I’d be careful about doubting my judgement on this one. I predicted exactly what would happen to Canuck play. We know the outcome for Modus Games if they fail to take my advice.

The ball is in your court Modus games. Call me or respond to my email. That’s all you have to do. The last idiots that didn’t went bankrupt. If you actually want to create a game that has staying power, you will wise up and call me. Otherwise, it will just be another carbon copy of the game that Canuck Play produced. The same one that never had a prayer to compete with EA Sports and their game isn’t even out yet.

Side Note: If they think this gameplay trailer is good enough, they’re playing themselves. They may as well pack up and go home now.

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