Trubisky thinks the bears are his team
Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky at the Pro Bowl. No this is not photoshopped…(Gregory Payan/Associated Press)

When Chicago Bears acquired Nick Foles from the Jacksonville Jaguars former No. 2 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky was officially put on notice. Add that on top of the Bears declining his 5th year option the message became crystal clear. Improve or you’re gone, simple as that.

On Friday, Mitch told reporters how he felt about the whole situation. Trubisky said the Foles trade “was kind of interesting.” Not only does the trade give Chicago a quarterback who is able to show up in the playoffs, it also lit a fire under Trubisky. Trubisky told reporters “I think I was pissed off in a good way. I’ve been motivated ever since.” Now being motivated and having a fire lit under your butt is expected when a team brings in someone to replace you. What is confusing the Trubisky’s confidence.

Trubisky added “I still feel like this is my team.” To make this confidence seem more delusional, Trubisky said “The way I played last year didn’t merit me getting that option,” regarding the Bears declining the former No. 2 overall pick’s 5th year option. Trubisky took a major step back in his third year, competing only 63.2% of his passes, for 3,138 yards 17 Touchdowns and 10 interceptions, producing an 83.0 passer rating. The Bears missed the playoffs in 2019 going 8-8, just a year after winning the North and going 12-4.

Our very own Trey Daubert said three years ago that Mitchell Trubisky was destined to fail and it seems that he is right. Trey brought up Trubisky’s throwing mechanics, the culture of the Bears and Trubisky’s lack of an alpha dog mentality. You can read Trey’s full analysis below, to find out just how right he was and still is.

The Foles trade lit a fire under Trubisky and provided some much needed motivation. While Trubisky’s confidence seems ill-advised, it is somewhat respectable. For Ryan Pace’s sake, one of the two quarterbacks needs to work and the Bears must make the playoffs. Anything different, Pace is gone and so are all hopes of the Bears being decent for the next five years.

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