Mike Vrabel
It’s time to declare Mike Vrabel as the most underrated coach in the NFL. The guy continues to win games with a broken roster. (Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Mike Vrabel Is The Most Underrated Coach In The NFL

Guy wins. I don’t really need to say much else. There is no reason for me to deep dive into x’s and o’s or deep dive into game by game decisions on the sidelines. Guy wins. That’s all there is to it. It’s time to declare Mike Vrabel as the most underrated coach in the NFL.

Can we just be honest here? Jon Robinson isn’t good at his job. This Titans team is the furthest thing from loaded. It’s led by Ryan Tannehill (who is okay at best). Hard to win without a franchise quarterback in this league. Tennessee goes out there and does it just about every week.

What do the Titans really have? The list of elite players the Titans have probably starts and ends with Derrick Henry… and they’re still winning games without him. Taylor Lewan is also always hurt. AJ Brown is terrific but he’s still young and hasn’t established his ceiling yet. Kevin Byard has earned the reputation as a ball hawk. AND… we’re at the end of the list.

This really isn’t a good football team. Robinson has had some major whiffs in the draft which include taking Isaiah Wilson last year in the first round for him to not play a single snap for the team and has since been cut. Caleb Farley has also done nothing as a rookie and looks like a major medical risk moving forward. Frankly, Tennessee is probably a bad football team.

The secondary is hot garbage. There is no pass rush outside of whatever Bud Dupree gives them (and he’s overpaid). There is no run game without Henry. Tannehill could go take a hike as far as I’m concerned. The trade for Julio Jones continues to look laughable. So far, it hasn’t mattered a ton. The Titans keep winning and Vrabel continues to be the only reason why.

Say what you want about Belichick assistants. Vrabel has proven to be a real leader and knows what he’s doing. Might be the only thing we have that even resembles Belichick. His teams appear smart, well prepared, and find ways to win when they’re undermanned.

Did you know Vrabel is 39-24 as a head coach? That’s a .619 winning percentage controlling a dog shit roster. Pretty damn impressive. He’s won two postseason games with Tannehill.

He lost Arthur Smith. Hasn’t mattered. They’re still winning games with that goof Todd Downing.

The Texans defense hasn’t been the same since he left.

Vrabel schooled Bill Belichick in a playoff game when the game simply came down to time management.

The Titans are 10-5 and they smell like a 5-10 team. If Dan Quinn is coaching this team, they are a 5 win team.

Let’s just give some love to Mike Vrabel. This isn’t a complex blog. At some point let’s just give some credit to the guy that continues to turn chicken shit into chicken salad while the entire world turns a blind eye. Maybe Vrabel is just really good. Credit to him.