Dabo Swinney Trevor Lawrence
Mike Tannenbaum suggests that Dabo Swinney could coach Trevor Lawrence in Jacksonville. Is his take crazy or could this actually happen? (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Mike Tannenbaum has some takes. That’s one way to put it. His next take is something that’s more of an interesting guessing game but one that I’m not sure I buy. Tannenbaum suggests Dabo Swinney could coach Trevor Lawrence next year in Jacksonville.

“There’s a lot of speculation that Dabo Swinney, who’s been on the short list of multiple head coaching searches, could be a coach that teams want to talk about,” Tannenbaum said. “This would be the perfect storm and here’s why. He’s immensely popular in that area of the country and if he can go with Trevor Lawrence right down the road to Jacksonville, with all those picks and cap room, that’s the ideal situation. I know from talking to a number of NFL general managers, they see Dabo in the same mold as Pete Carroll. A high energy guy. Pete Carroll has been a coach in the college and the pros. If Dabo Swinney was going to do it, and that’s a big if, this would be the perfect situation…If Swinney would ever go, this would be the perfect storm to do it with, following this season.”

It’s interesting. If Dabo was going to leave Clemson, it would be a job like this. A chance to coach a generational quarterback prospect on a total rebuild that he could construct the entire roster the way he wanted. Jacksonville has a ton of draft picks too.

There are two things here.

A: There’s no guarantee the Jags have the first overall pick. My bet is on the New York Giants. Everybody would have bet their house that the Dolphins would have the first overall pick last year. The Jags are by no means a lock to get that pick. Weird things happen.

B: I don’t think Dabo wants to leave. Dabo is the perfect collegiate head coach and his son Will is on the roster. Maybe Swinney leaves eventually but that feels like a move 10 years down the road.