Mike Pettine
Mike Pettine set to take on larger role in Browns offense (Bill Greenblatt/UPI)

It’s no secret that head coach Mike Pettine was obviously frustrated with the Browns offense especially after the failed Johnny Manziel debacle. After the resignation of play caller Kyle Shanahan things became clear that Pettine would like to have more control of the offensive side of the ball. Pettine and new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo have been working diligently to improve the Cleveland offense in 2015.

“I have flash cards to help me learn a lot of the formations,” Pettine said Friday, per Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “It was like being a rookie.”

Said Pettine: “I’m with (DeFilippo) every step of the way as far as, ‘Here’s what we’re implementing today. Here’s what’s going in.’ It’s been great. I feel very rejuvenated as a coach.”

“Flip and I are very much on the same page with where this offense is headed.”

Pettine is a disciple of defensive minded coach Rex Ryan. Ryan of course was run out of town for the team’s abysmal offense. While Pettine is no offensive mind he is determined to improve the unit any way possible. Pettine of course still plans to stick to his roots as defense will still be a focal point of his responsibilities.

“I still will be involved with the defense. But I want to be a part of the game planning as well just to give the defensive perspective of who they’re going against,” Pettine said. “I have a good feel for NFL defenses having studied a lot of them or knowing the coaching trees — and there’s different styles and different rules within those — and I think that’s where I can be beneficial to [the offense].”

At the end of the day I still expect the Browns to finish in last place in the AFC North this season. The loss of Kyle Shanahan is a huge blow as he has worked wonders in the past with Brian Hoyer and even during RG3’s rookie season. Realistically Josh McCown nor Johnny Manziel can lead this team to more than 6 wins. Pettine ran a below average defense last season ranking 23rd in yards allowed per game. Pettine may be in over his head with a new offensive role.