Mike Milbury should be fired
(Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

I just don’t understand how some people have jobs. Mike Milbury is one of them. Considering how many younger talents are around in today’s hockey the fact that these dinosaurs are continuously rolled out onto our screens to spew their “back in my day” nonsense not only baffles me but upsets me. In a world with Justin Bourne, Anthony Stewart, Paul Bisonette, and PK Subban all coming through its time to make a change.

If you are wondering what the hell is this guy rambling about let me catch you up. First, Milbury has a go at Tuukka Task for leaving the bubble to go tend to a personal problem. “Nobody’s simply opted to leave the bubble just because they didn’t want to be here and they needed to be with their family,” Milbury said. “I wouldn’t have done it, the rest of the league’s players have not done it.” This was despite not knowing exactly what the situation entailed.

Then on Thursday night during game five of the New York Islanders v Washington Capitals, his co-host John Forslund said: “If you think about it, it’s a terrific environment with regard to — if you enjoy playing and enjoy being with your teammates for long periods of time, it’s a perfect place.” Milbury’s response was, “Not even any women here to disrupt your concentration.” I mean seriously!?! What is this guy thinking!

This forced the NHL to release a statement on Friday saying:

The National Hockey League condemns the insensitive and insulting comment that Mike Milbury made during last night’s broadcast and we have communicated our feelings to NBC. The comment did not reflect the NHL’s values and commitment to making our game more inclusive and welcoming to all.

Didn’t Milbury watch what happened to Brendan Leipsic after his indiscretions earlier in the year? Didn’t he see how he lost his job and was forced to move to Russia to continue playing? As of the time of release Mike Milbury and NBC have yet to comment on the situation.

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