Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa does NOT approve of the Ben Simmons max extension (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Ben Simmons is $170 million richer after signing a max rookie extension with the Philadelphia 76ers. The extension raised some eyebrows despite the fact that this was something we probably saw coming regardless of how much you like Simmons’ game. Mike Francesa DID NOT approve of the extension.

This is just classic Francesa. Slight jabs and hilarious comments without ever trying to be funny. For the record, I’m way down on Ben Simmons too. If he doesn’t develop a jumper this year, forget it. Simmons has the potential to become one of the best players in the league. Great vision, passing ability, defense, and rebounding. The issue is the shooting and it trumps everything else. If Simmons can’t develop a mid-range jumper this year, I’m officially jumping off the ship. I’ve probably already jumped off, to be honest.

The 76ers are going to be fascinating to watch this year. I’m way down on them. Others that are involved with the site are way higher on them. The Al Horford signing was a head scratcher to me and shrinks this window in a big way. They better win now. If not, they have a horrendous contract on the books strapped with a young team looking to improve.

Still, Philly had to do this. Pay the stars. At some point, maybe they trade him. I wouldn’t rule it out. Simmons is the key to this whole team. He needs to knock down mid-range shots. If that doesn’t happen, kiss this season goodbye. Especially with Jimmy Butler gone. I’m sure this Francesa clip won’t frazzle Philly fans at all. My favorite part was Francesa calling Simmons a choke artist. It’s fair. I still don’t know if he has the killer mindset.