Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa *Allegedly rips a fart while shitting on Adam Gase (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

The New York Jets stink. So does the radio studio of Mike Francesa? Folks get ready, we officially have Fartgate. Numbah one almost pulled a number two on air. Francesa has dominated the New York City radio market for a long time. So much so that his butt burps create massive headlines.

The New York Daily News published a story on Francesa *allegedly ripping a fart on air: That’s when all hell broke loose.

First, let’s layout all the video evidence we have. Below I will post 4 separate clips. The first will be the original video where Francesa *Allegedly rips a fart. Look for around the 0:18 mark. The next 3 will be Mike vigorously denying these claims.

Did Mike really let it rip? Would Mike really lie? You be the judge. That’s for you to decide. Here’s what I do know. Who else could fart and create this much juice? Francesa is numba one because of moments like this. Name the time Michael Kay farted on air. Better yet, name the time Michael Kay did something remotely interesting. There’s never a dull moment with Francesa. Even when he falls asleep on air (which has happened before), Francesa is always an electric factory.

I don’t know who stinks more? Francesa or Adam Gase? Allegedly, I should point out. I take it back. Nobody stinks more than the Jets do. Adam Gase should have been fired yesterday. How do you lose to the Dolphins who are trying to lose! Poor Sam Darnold. I feel so bad for him. This guy has no help. Hey, Jet fans! At least you have my Madden series to look forward to. Subscribe and watch the perfect alternate universe.