Mike Florio
Mike Florio is mad that coaches are wearing suits to introductory press conferences. Florio is so boring that this is the best he can blog about. (Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Mike Florio is a loser. You and I both should know this by now. Nobody understands the things that he does but we’re also not sure how he’s famous either. Let’s just provide one example of who Mike Florio is.

I’ll just drop this link here. It’s one of a billion stories you can tell about Mike Florio. It takes a lot to be wrong arguing against Jason Whitlock but somehow, that’s what happened. Long story short, the guy is a LOSER.

Old man yelling at clouds decided to make write the most worthless blog in the history of blogging. Florio is mad that coaches are wearing suit and ties to press conferences. Why? Nobody knows. It’s Florio’s brain. There’s not much going on up there.


“It’s business suit season in the NFL. It shouldn’t be.

When coaches are hired to run NFL teams, they show up for their introductory press conferences in suits. That’s the way it is, because that’s the way it’s always been.

But why does it have to keep being that way? Coaches don’t wear suits on the sideline, not anymore. Coaches (like most of the population) wear suits to court, to weddings, and to funerals.

So why do teams keep jamming their new coaches into suits and ties? Quite often, they’re nearly as miserable as Ralphie in his pink nightmare bunny costume. They’re usually incredibly uncomfortable, even when the suit fits.

Sometimes, the suit doesn’t fit. Sometimes, the suit is 10 sizes too big. Sometimes, the tight collar can cause all sorts of unusual facial expressions. Sometimes, the guy in the suit starts talking about biting off kneecaps.

Regardless, at a time when the first impression made by the coach should be natural and authentic, the moment all too often comes off as forced and fake.”

Why do people get married when biological it doesn’t make sense? I get that a meteor took out the dinosaurs but who did the water dinosaurs get taken out? Why do so many religions exist? Why do people wear suits? Dude… I don’t know. It’s just the way it is.

Out of all the complaints in the world, suits is the one that grinds your gears? Granted, I don’t think I even look good in them. My chest is too big and it just never goes well. However, it’s a big time power move when you can show up in a suit and command a room.

If there is a lesson for today, it’s never be like Mike Florio. The guy doesn’t have a shred of talent in his body. He has such little talent that he chooses to spend his time blogging about suits. I still don’t understand how some of these people get recognition.