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Michael B. Jordan Rainbow Six

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Michael B. Jordan Announced for Rainbow Six Movie; John Wick Director Attached

Michael B. Jordan Announced for Rainbow Six Movie; John Wick Director Attached

Actor Michael B. Jordan has been officially cast in the upcoming Rainbow Six movie. The film, based on Tom Clancy’s book and the video game of the same name, will be a sequel to 2021’s Without Remorse. Jordan was also cast in that film as well.

It was also announced that Chad Stahelski will direct the Paramount film. Stahelski, famed for his work in the John Wick franchise, has proven himself to be a reliable director since his debut in 2014. Stahelski has also been announced as an executive producer.

Few Details on Hand

While few details so far have been given, we do know that Jordan is returning to reprise his role at John Clark. A former Navy SEAL now a CIA agent, he is the main character in both the Without Remorse and Rainbow Six books.

However, nothing on the plot or other such details have been released. With how Without Remorse strayed far from the book’s story, it is undeterminable as of now how this Rainbow Six film will pan out — whether on-screen or behind it.

Tom Clancy Books, to Games, to Films

Rainbow Six isn’t the first Clancy book to be turned into a movie. In fact, this will be the ninth film adaptation of one of the late author’s books. The difference from all the rest is that there already is a far different adaptation to this book on the market.

Since 1998, the Rainbow Six video game series has captured the attention of players. From Rainbow Six in 1998 to Rainbow Six Extraction in 2022. With Rainbow Six Siege, released in 2015, having made over $1 billion as of 2023.

A Book or Video Game Adaptation?

While so far it has been explicitly stated that Rainbow Six will be an adaptation of the book. With the lack of details regarding the film so far. The possibility of the movie taking inspirations from the game isn’t out of the question.

Only time will tell, however.





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